6 (+2) Reasons To Question The Assertions of FixtheFamily.com

I've been seeing a lot about FixtheFamily.com, a new website that purports to offer a Catholic vision of family life as a corrective to the alternatives the world has to offer.  It's been making a splash in both Catholic and secular circles, generating spirited conversations on Catholic blogs as well as secular feminist sites like Jezebel.It is clear to me that the founders of the site have a deep love for the Church and for family life and that they mean to do good.  I would like to be able … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Scalia Blogs So I Don’t Have To…

I'm only here three days this week as my work week is bookended by a series of speaking engagements/conferences last weekend and next so my blogging will probably be lighter.  Fear not.  Our fearless leader has a powerful post on how family illiteracy leads to spiritual illiteracy.  Excellent stuff.  Here's a sample...In her excellent book How the West Really Lost God, Mary Eberstadt argues that the sharp decline in religious belief (and the waning influence of the churches) in the Western wo … [Read more...]