Mandated Infertility “Treatment” for Homosexual Couples

I have to admit that even I didn't see this coming.  As you read this, try to remember that homosexual couples aren't infertile.  It is simply physically impossible for them to procreate.  But if gay marriage is, in fact, equal to marriage, then this is the kind of thing that no one will be able to stop.Should health insurers be legally required to offer infertility treatment for gay couples? Yes, according to a bill (AB 460) filed in the California legislature by assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D … [Read more...]

When Your Sister is Also Your Wife… (aka Humanae Vitae was Right.)

You can't make stuff like this up.  From the Dear Prudence column at Slate.Q. Nasty Surprise: My wife and I...were both born to lesbians, she to a couple, and me to a single woman. She had sought out her biological father as soon as she turned 18,...I never was interested in learning about that for myself, but she felt we were cheating our future children by not learning everything we could about my past, too....  I decided to...see if my biological father was interested in contact as well. H … [Read more...]