“Am I Crazy?” The 9 Components of Mental Health and How You Get Them.

Believe it or not, a mental health professional can make it through his or her bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs without having a single, significant discussion on what the term "mental health" actually means (or the term "mind" for that matter).We tend to be trained to think that mental health is "not" something.  In other words, one becomes mentally healthy when they are "not depressed" or "not anxious" anymore.   At best, we receive a very functional definition of mental heal … [Read more...]

Catholics & Depression, Anxiety, & Mental/Emotional Illness. What is Your Experience?

For the Christian, mental illness is especially difficult.Depression, Anxiety, and other mental and emotional disorders are often characterized by Christians as moral, spiritual, or characterological failings.  Christians often feel that we should be able to pray away emotional struggles.  Likewise, we're often afraid to seek secular counselors because they might not support our faith journeys.  Further, although Catholic pastors tend to be more accepting of the reality of mental illness and … [Read more...]