The Challenge of Authentic Modesty–5 Things to Do. 1 Thing to Avoid.

Patheos blogger Jennifer Fitz invited me to respond to her comments about my analysis of the so-called "Princeton modesty study."   My original post is here (and is rather cheekily titled, "Women in Bikinis May More Easily Avoid Potentially Abusive Partners, Study Says?).    Jennifer's response is here.  Go read.All caught up?  There's a good fellow.I want to start by saying that I agree pretty much with everything Jennifer wrote.  I agree that modesty is not just in internal disposition … [Read more...]

The Holy Fool Offers a Contrarian Take on the Modesty Question

I find this "fool's" arguments offer a worthwhile corrective to a lot of confusion on what modesty is and isn't.  Take a look! … [Read more...]