“Marriage Isn’t Easy, But It’s Beautiful,” Says Pope Francis.


Regular listeners to More2Life Radio know that our regular marriage contributors, Frank and Julie LaBoda, serve on the Pontifical Council for the Family and are currently in Rome for a Council meeting.  In his address to the Council this past weekend, Pope Francis had some truly inspiring words for married couples.The Catholic Church must help young people understand that marriage isn't always easy, "but it is so beautiful," Pope Francis said."There are problems in marriage: different po … [Read more...]

Popcak in WaPo on the Pope, “Catholicism is a love story.”


I was interviewed, earlier today, by Michelle Boorstein, a religion writer for the Washington Post.  We chatted about the challenge many people were having with Pope Francis style and my own journey from confusion and mild frustration to greater understanding and appreciation for what he is trying to do and say.  I appreciated her thoughtful and considerate approach and I hope we have other chances to speak in the future.My comments centered on two themes (and since I'm not sure how much wil … [Read more...]

Because, Y’Know, Pope Francis is “Soft” on Abortion…


My epiphany of this past weekend did not blind me to the challenges Pope Francis' papacy presents.  Specifically, because his style is profoundly welcoming and he is so committed to bringing home the prodigal, his more pastoral style can be easily twisted by people who's agenda runs contrary to the Church.Instead of complaining about this, we need to rise to the challenge.  To help us all do that, I'll be regularly posting quotes from Pope Francis on the very topics he's allegedly "soft" on; … [Read more...]

Papa Francis, The Prodigal, and “the Good Son.”


How do you feel about Pope Francis' style?I've been praying a lot about my reactions to Pope Francis as well the reactions I have read from my fellow Catholic culture warriors.    I have friends--sometimes of the more liberal persuasion (but not all)--who think Pope Francis is an incredible breath of fresh air.  I have other friends--usually more conservative--who can't believe how much this guy is, in their minds, stinking up the joint.Ambivalence ObservedAs for me, well, I've been a … [Read more...]

Calling All Franco-phobes, “Be not afraid!”


A lot of people--especially conservatives and traditionalists--are freaking out about Pope Francis comments, especially his most recent interview for America magazine.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not unsympathetic.  Even though Pope Francis is not overturning any doctrines or giving out "Get Into Heaven Free" passes to the lowest bidders, he does have a VERY different style that requires some getting used to after the more charismatically catechetical (chasmachetical?) approach of Pope John Paul II … [Read more...]

I’ve Got the Cure for Your PTFWS* (*post-traumatic foot-washing syndrome)

end of the world

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread and all, but since I am committed to the healing arts and it pains me to think that any of you are among those rending their garments over Pope Francis' washing of women's feet this past Holy Thursday, worried that this is just the first sign of the new Pope's  hidden proto-feminist agenda and the imminent ordination of women bishops and subsequent ending of the world (curse you, Mayans!--the Pope is from South America, after all), I thought I would pass a … [Read more...]

Pope Francis, “Keep watch over your emotions!”


In his homily for his installation, Pope Francis reflected on the "vocation of protector"  so ably modelled by St. Joseph, who's feast we celebrate today.  In his comments, Pope Francis made some surprising and important comments on the importance of developing emotional control and how our ability to be good stewards of our emotions directly affects our ability to be the protectors of one another God calls us to be.But to be "protectors", we also have to keep watch over ourselves! Let us n … [Read more...]

(“Phew! The Coast is Clear!”) Er, I mean, “Yeah! Pope Francis!”


Amy Welborn is spot on in identifying what she calls the weird sense of "relief" expressed by many on the election of Pope Francis.    To be honest, I've been getting the impression that in certain quarters, people aren't so much rejoicing that Pope Francis was elected as much as they are rejoicing at what they imagine to be the end of the papal era of JPII and BXVI with their shared focus on personal responsibility, the authentic nature of love, and the importance of the Church's moral teac … [Read more...]