COMING THURS 5/2 on More2Life Radio: When Doing Right Turns Out Wrong

When Doing Right Turns Out Wrong--We all know that being self-sacrificing should make relationships better.  But what about times when doing good for others causes us to be ignored, resented, or abused?  New research shows that the difference comes down to HOW you're being self-donative, not if.  In fact, some types of generosity actually make relationships worse.Today we'll explore those times when it feels like doing the right thing in your relationship keeps turning out wrong and we'll id … [Read more...]

Coming Mon on More2Life Radio: Simple Gifts.

The Theology of the Body reminds us that we can only "find ourselves" by making a sincere gift of ourselves.Today on M2L Radio, we're looking at the simple ways you try to make a sincere gift of yourself to others and the ways others have made a gift of themselves to you.  We'll also talk about those times when people struggle to receive the gifts you want to give them.Call in with your stories of the joys and challenges of giving and receiving the gift of self, Noon-1pm Eastern at … [Read more...]