Toddler Moms Hatin’ on The Popcak

I got this funny but heartfelt message from a reader who felt some frustration after reading my post on the negative effects of yelling at kids. Dr. Popcak, you're destroying all my parenting tactics one by one. I kind of hate you right now. (But really, can you write this post but apply it to toddlers? Because they don't really listen that well. And also, I  have no clue what to do with these small little savages. It's like Lord of the Flies up in here.)Challenge accepted.  Let's start … [Read more...]

Lead Them Not Into Temptation: Preventing Lying in Little Ones

A new study shows that lying is quite common by 2 years old that by 3 most children are masters of deception.Understandably, this might be a cause for serious concern among most Catholic parents.  We know the value of honesty and trust, and we want to raise our kids to be honest and trustworthy.   That said, it's important that we remember that lying at this age isn't the same thing as lying at age 6 or 7 and, if you handle "lying" at this stage appropriately, you might just be able to pre … [Read more...]