Innocence Restored–Hope for Those Who Have Suffered Indignity and Abuse


One of the most heartbreaking aspect of my work with victims of abuse--whether verbal, physical, sexual or some combination of all of these--is to hear them talk about how they feel "dirty", "tainted," "guilty" and a host of other adjectives that undermine their dignity and worth as persons.  Intellectually, most of them know that they bear no blame for the things that were done to them, but the emotional and spiritual wounds run deep.  When we're treated like trash, we often internalize that t … [Read more...]

When Tragedy Strikes, Remember Who You Are

Whether we are reacting to the headlines out of Boston or dealing with personal tragedies, it is easy to forget who we are when we go through difficult times. Instead of thinking and acting like the sons and daughters of God that we are, we can become petty, spiteful, isolating, self-pitying and even vengeful.It was this impulse Pope Francis was challenging when he reminded all of us in his message to the people of Boston to "resolve to not be overcome by evil, but to combat evil by doing … [Read more...]