Do You Want a More Love-Filled Life?


Angela called today to share how a friendship with an 88yo stranger transformed her marriage and family life.  Elle talked about how a caring friend led her back to Christ's love.  Philip shared how his vision of love has taken on new dimensions since his marriage, and Leslie shared how loving her 5 stepchildren opened her heart in ways she could have never predicted.All of these people discovered the power of True Love; a love that opened their hearts both to loving more and being more love … [Read more...]

Would You Like to Experience True Love?

I'm pleased to announce the release of my newest book, How to Find True Love.  It's not a book about finding "the one."  It's a book about how every moment is filled with opportunities to encounter the love of friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers and how those moments can  transform our lives forever if we know how to take advantage of them.Every encounter with another person offers a transformative moment: a chance to transform one's self and others and derive strength, joy, and g … [Read more...]