A few tech-savvy readers found the link to the Eddie and Tracy Show I wrote about the other day.  I've had several people ask to be able to listen so... Here you go.    (I'm told it starts about 17:15 in)Not knowing their style, you can tell I was a little stunned by their approach at first (they start insulting me in their introduction) but things picked up pretty quickly.  To be completely honest, I can't bring myself to listen to it again, but I've been told it's worth tuning in for.  Chec … [Read more...]

Blessed Are You When WLW Drive Time Hosts Persecute You?

Yesterday, I had an interview--actually, it was more like nuclear warfare--with Eddie Fingers and Tracy Jones, hosts of the #1 afternoon drive time show in Cincinnati.  They had me on to discuss my book, Holy Sex, in light of the NY Times article on the Hook-Up Culture .  It turns out I wrote the book that shocked the shock jocks.A couple of weeks ago, in light of the US News and World Report article on how devout Catholics have the best and most frequent sex, my publisher hired a publicist t … [Read more...]