March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Final Four

1 Joseph Smith vs. 11 Restoration of Priesthood Authority

Which is the more influential force in Mormonism today?
Joseph Smith
Restoration of Priesthood Authority
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1 Book of Mormon vs. 6 Sacrament Meeting

Which is the more influential force in Mormonism today?
The Book of Mormon
Sacrament Meeting
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  • John C.

    My votes:
    Restoration of Priesthood
    The Book of Mormon

  • If Joseph Smith were more important than the priesthood his family would be much more powerful in the LDS Church, wouldn’t it?

  • I voted with you John.

  • Mogget

    So glad to see that “saving ordinances” went down.

    Restoration and Sacrament Meeting.

  • a random John

    For your consideration.

    Note that priesthood restoration is not listed as an accomplishment. An oversight?

  • J. Watkins

    I took Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Do we really talk more about the restoration of the priesthood than Joseph? Can you really speak of the former without at least thinking of the latter? Joseph did so much and taught so much beyond priesthood that I can’t get myself to see it any other way. Joseph’s influence, past and present is ongoing and I think that only the ever present Book of Mormon is taking him down.

    Besides, I think that only those who know the history and evolution of the Church really appreciate how far things have evolved from Joseph’s time and teachings. I think that the majority of people in the Church would be astonished at how different things are now if it were presented to them. John, I think you should present this tournament to your BYU class and see how the results differ as a means of gauging the intellectual bent of the Bloggernacle.

  • Chris H.

    Oh Crap! I accidently voted for Sacrament meeting. Now I know how those people in florida felt when they accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan.

    I am usually jealous that my kids can play with Star Wars toys during Sacrament meeting while my wife elbows me for not singing or paying attention. The nice thing about being Ward Clerk is that I can draw pictures while pretending to take minutes.

  • Even though we use the Book of Mormon to support our theology, as we do the rest of the canon, we pick and choose what we focus on and what we ignore. The current church, for example, tends to preach righteous works and family unity. Our core theology and religious emphases are taught from the pulpit and via the church magazines. For this reason, I think Sacrament meeting trumps the Book of Mormon.