The Great of ’08

2008 was a good year for FPR. We gained three new permanent bloggers, Secco, David Clark, and The Yellow Dart, though we lost Chris H. to his own personal blog. We also had our 500th post on our three year anniversary. Below, I collected some of my personal favorite posts of 2008 for your rereading pleasure, or in case you missed them. Please feel free to add any others that I didn’t put on the list that you enjoyed at FPR this year. (For the sake of objectivity, I did not include any of my own!) In no particular order:

Tips on Applying Series, by SmallAxe

Nothing Wavering, by James bar Joseph

Catholics and Modernity series, by Mogget

Uzzah Killed for Blind Obedience, by Secco

BYU Religion Dean on Premortal Life series, by Jupiterschild

Why the Redistribution of Wealth, by Chris H.

The C-F-A and Non-Literal Adam and Eve, by lxxluthor

A Brief Apologia for Going to Teach in the Religious Education Department at BYU, by Nitsav

What is Biblical Criticism series, by David Clark

The Yoke of Biblical Fundamentalism-Meeting Higher Criticism, by The Yellow Dart

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Taylor Petrey is Tenured: What does This Mean for LDS Scholars of Religion?
Review of R. Kratz, Historical and Biblical Israel: The History, Tradition, and Archives of Israel and Judah (2015)
The god Gad
Redaction Analysis and the Doctrinal Mastery Core Document
  • Chris H.

    I am honored to have made the list. Happy New Year.

    Children and SSM: An Analysis of “The Divine Institution of Marriage” by TT was one of the best ever.

  • Christopher

    Thanks for the roundup, and congrats on a great year. I generally just lurk here and don’t comment very often, but appreciate the work you all do here at FPR.

  • Kiskilili

    Fun list! Some of my favorite FPR posts in the last year include the following:

    The Future of Heavenly Mother
    The Problem with LaughterThe Terrible 90’s for Mormon Scholarship

  • The Yellow Dart

    You liked my post? Thanks! I should probably do the follow-up post I said that I would do. I actually didn’t really like my post that much. Probably because it didn’t have enough footnotes or something…


  • Ziff

    I particularly enjoyed these:

    SmallAxe’s The Perils of Parallel-o-Mania

    Jupiterschild’s Passivity and Practice

    TT’s Righteous Dissent

    Also several others you already listed. Especially the “Nothing Wavering” post. That made me laugh until I cried!

    You all are consistently enjoyable to read. Sorry I only ever comment once in a blue moon. I’m in over my head around here. :)

  • TT

    Oooh, those are good ones! Thanks for contributing!