Gaining Mass

FPR is pleased to announce that it is no longer an isle of the sea, but a "whatever a founder is". The only change around here is the acknowledgement of the other founders in a place of honor on the sidebar. Also, I am now contractually obligated to bash on T&S until they ask me to guest-post.Thanks be to all the fine bloggers, readers, and commenters around here. Hopefully, we'll keep on providing good stuff. … [Read more...]

Introducing Chris H.

We are proud to welcome another addition to the FPR staff. Chris H is a colleague of mine at a college where I teach and he was excited to come here and discuss that thing that we spend most of our time here discussing: political philosophy. He introduces himself as follows:I am political philosopher with a BA and MA in political science for the University of Utah. I also have an associates degree from Ricks College. I specialize in liberal theory with primary interest in the works of the … [Read more...]

Introducing Mogget

Faith-Promoting Rumor is please to announce the addition of another perma-blogger to the staff. Please welcome Mogget to our blog. Mogget is a graduate student in New Testament Exegesis back east, working on her dissertation (as I ought to be doing, instead of blogging) and she graciously agreed to class up the place over a pizza in Philadelphia. I haven't asked her if she would like her real name or interesting history revealed, so I will let her make that decision. I can say that she has a … [Read more...]

Introducing FaithHopeLove

Well, we're growing today. I would also ask you to give a warm welcome to Jon (aka FaithHopeLove). He is an old friend of the family with an interesting religious past (which I will let him reveal in due time). He is what he had to say by way of introduction: My name is Jon (no H) and I have known John C. for more than 20 years. The earliest memory I have of him is that he refused to eat tomatoes because he thought they were gross. Now, it appears that he'll eat just about anything.I'm on … [Read more...]

Introducing David J

Faith-promoting Rumor is pleased to announce the addition of David J to our blog. He will post occasionally on topics of import to him and, as always, he must agree with me on whatever I write. Here he is in his own words: I grew up in California, served in Brazil, hold a B.S. in Accounting and decided to switch gears and study Hebrew Bible in 2003. I have two kids (1 each). When not studying, I enjoy back-country backpacking, watching professional football, and playing racquetball. I don't … [Read more...]