The Uncorrelated Essentials?

So, my wife left the Deseret Book catalogue sitting out, and I felt like maybe I ought to pick it up and take a look. I saw most of what I usually see: yet another J.F. McConkie / Robert Millet collaboration (yawn), new cover designs for old classics (the new Miracle of Forgiveness is spiffy!), and plenty of artwork (none of which is of my stripe). It's no SBL catalogue, but it seems like a pretty good one for its intended audience.Now, on page 41, something caught my eye. It's called … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Round Two Wrap-up or “Clearly, we are in apostasy”

Yesterday's results: 9 - Gordon B. Hinckley 19 4 - Joseph F. Smith 311 - Mormon Doctrine 14 2 - The Bible 810 - Relief Society 13 3 - The Church Educational System 812 - Saving Ordinances 12 16 - The Companionship of the Holy Ghost 11 … [Read more...]

Ordained Women in the Early Church: Book Review

Ordained Women in the Early Church: A Documentary History Kevin Madigan and Carolyn Osiek, ed. and trans. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 2005. 220 pp.The big question is “Were they?” and the answer is “Yup,” but there’s some details to be filled in twixt here and there. … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Round Two, Day Four

Yesterday's results:3 - Bruce R. McConkie 20 10 - David O. McKay 99 - Word of Wisdom 29 13 - Zionism 01 - The Book of Mormon 27 5 - The Lectures on Faith 16 - Sacrament Meeting 18 2 - The Missionary Program 10Only one upset. I am still torn on that one.Today's matches (the final ones for this round): … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Round Two, Day Three

Yesterday's results: 11 - Hugh Nibley 16 2 - Brigham Young 1510 - Tithing and Consecration 22 3 - Physical Divine Beings 88 - The 2nd Official Declaration 17 4 - The Pearl of Great Price 1312 - The Young Men's Program 17 1 - The Welfare Program 13The last two results of which obviously prove that the bloggernacle is wrong, just wrong (also, the BY results may be off). Oh well.Today's matches: … [Read more...]

A Deacon’s Dilemma: White Shirt vs. Scout Shirt?

This Sunday, the boys in our ward scout troops will have their Board of Review, which is the meeting in which advancement is discussed with those on the board. The meeting will be held immediately after church, and each boy is required to wear his scout shirt.Which creates a dilemma – can the boys pass the sacrament wearing a scout shirt?Unfortunately, somebody in the ward feels they cannot. The leader of the deacon's quorum came into Elder's quorum on Sunday and asked for volunteers for p … [Read more...]

Secular Sam’s Guide to the OT: Pi Day

Pi Day: the 14th day of the 3rd month, at about the 15th hour, which would be 3 PM... … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Madness, Round Two Day Two

Yesterday's results:1- Joseph Smith 26 12 - James Talmage 611 - Restoration of Priesthood Authority 22 2 - Continuing Revelation 103 - The Doctrine and Covenants 28 7 - The 1st Official Declaration 44 - Temple Building 24 9 - The Young Women's Program 8In today's matches: … [Read more...]