Historical Mormon Smackdown: Multiple spouse edition!

Okay folks, back to the show!What is the more personally disturbing form of plural marriage to you: Polygyny vs. Polyandry?Vote early, but don't...er...vote often.ed. corrected per will's suggestion (polygamy equates with polygyny for the purpose of the poll, though). … [Read more...]

When Did Jesus Die ? (Day)

We have looked at what the Gospels have to say about the time that Jesus died in a post below. In this one, we take the next step and look at what they say about the day of the week.Mk 15:42 is clear that Jesus died on the day before the Sabbath (PROSABBATON). Mt 27:62 and 28:1 indicate that day after Jesus’ death was the Sabbath. Lk 23:54 says that Jesus was buried on the “preparation,” that is, the day before the Sabbath. Jn 19:31 says that precautions were taken to ensure that Jesus’ corp … [Read more...]

When Did Jesus Die? (Hour)

When did Jesus die? The Gospels do not provide a single, unambiguous, answer.This issue may be most easily addressed by breaking it down into more specific questions:what hour of the day? what day of the week? what date in the month? what year?Hour of the DayThe Synoptics write that Jesus was near death by the ninth hour (Mk 15:34; Mt 27:46; Lk 23:44). In the Fourth Gospel, Jesus is before Pilate at the sixth hour (Jn 19:14). The most common way of counting the hours was to begin … [Read more...]

The Idiot Mormon’s Guide to Orthodox Christianity, Part 2

The responses to part 1 were great. Here are some additional things I've observed that are noteworthy. Again, for brevity's sake, I may have referred to non-Mormons as "Christians," so I expect everybody to be on the same page with that. As with part one, sometimes these are terms we use that will sound strange to Christians, and sometimes these are terms they use that will sound strange to us. Enjoy.1. Gethsemane. To Christians, it appears as though we attribute virtually all of Christ’s s … [Read more...]

Millenial Model?

If it is appropriate to take the events and calamities leading up to the death and resurrection of Christ in the Book of Mormon as a model for the period prior to the second coming, is it then appropriate to take the events of 3rd Nephi 11-4th Nephi 1:18 as a model for the millenium? … [Read more...]

Mormon Media Madness

Or, "how I stopped reading my book during stake conference because of the loud 'BANG' from somewhere near the pulpet."So last Sunday was stake conference, and two hours of talks is usually a bit much for me, let alone my two toddler-aged children. As usual, I normally bring something to read just in case the talks... well, go sour. This week's reading was Phil Barlow's Mormons and the Bible which I am enjoying immensely.While totally wrapped up in my book, I vaguely heard the speaker (a … [Read more...]

Damning Knowledge

As the perfect antithesis to John C's deep and insightful recent post, I'd like to ask the opposite.I thought I had a firm handle on this one until recently, but I'd like to get the take on this from the rest of the ninjas in the Mormon blogger dojo. So...What constitutes "speaking against the Holy Ghost"? … [Read more...]

Saving Knowledge

If no-one is saved in ignorance, what do you think constitutes saving knowledge? … [Read more...]