Millenial Model?

If it is appropriate to take the events and calamities leading up to the death and resurrection of Christ in the Book of Mormon as a model for the period prior to the second coming, is it then appropriate to take the events of 3rd Nephi 11-4th Nephi 1:18 as a model for the millenium? … [Read more...]

Mormon Media Madness

Or, "how I stopped reading my book during stake conference because of the loud 'BANG' from somewhere near the pulpet."So last Sunday was stake conference, and two hours of talks is usually a bit much for me, let alone my two toddler-aged children. As usual, I normally bring something to read just in case the talks... well, go sour. This week's reading was Phil Barlow's Mormons and the Bible which I am enjoying immensely.While totally wrapped up in my book, I vaguely heard the speaker (a … [Read more...]

Damning Knowledge

As the perfect antithesis to John C's deep and insightful recent post, I'd like to ask the opposite.I thought I had a firm handle on this one until recently, but I'd like to get the take on this from the rest of the ninjas in the Mormon blogger dojo. So...What constitutes "speaking against the Holy Ghost"? … [Read more...]

Saving Knowledge

If no-one is saved in ignorance, what do you think constitutes saving knowledge? … [Read more...]

The Rules and The Source

Take a moment and think about Dungeons and Dragons. Did any of you play this game as children? Are you Satanists now? Just curious...I played D&D (or AD&D, at the time) quite a bit growing up. The guy who was our regular DM (ie. the dude who ran the game) always tried to straddle the line between strict adherance to the rules and fudging them to make it the game funner for those participating. We had two kids who consistently went out of control. One who would go off and play … [Read more...]

Historical Mormon Smackdown: FARMS Edition

A quickie (I am very busy of late):Who do you think best exemplifies the spirit of FARMS: Jack Welch or Daniel Peterson?Vote away! … [Read more...]

The Idiot Mormon’s Guide to Orthodox Christianity, Part 1

Okay, as many of you know, the terminologies employed by both Mormons and orthodox Christians (hereafter “Christians” for brevity’s sake) are identical in form, but often different in meaning. Since getting the word out to our neighbors in the form of missionary work is one of the three essentials to the overall mission of the Mormon church (the other two being perfecting the saints and redeeming the dead), I thought I’d share with you some of the common vocabulary employed by both sides, but at … [Read more...]

I Ain’t Got No Body

Okay, enough of these posts on things that can actually have an effect on our daily lives! I need instead to delve into the mysteries, to things I can't possibly know, and don't need to know, you know?I was reading 3rd Nephi recently, and finally hit the verse that I had previously assumed was mere theory within the church. It seemed like Authoritative theory, but I still thought there might be some wiggle room. Nope. This verse pretty much clears up who the God of the Old Testament was. Ok, … [Read more...]