Jesus Walked on Ice

This article applies a subject called paleolimnology, the study of "freshwater, brackish, salt water environments in the ancient world" to the question of how Jesus may have [appeared to] walk on water. The folks behind it are serious scholars. I collect these pieces, without prejudice to the science or lack thereof, as evidence of the massive influence that the NT record of Jesus maintains even now.Original website here. … [Read more...]

Guest Post: On the Wings of a Dove?

J. Watkins is a long-time commenter on the site and someone off whom I often bounce ideas in the Ancient Studies room of the BYU Library. He defines himself in the following terms: "I'm Justin Watkins. I'm from Cardston, Alberta and I'm an undergraduate senior at BYU studying ancient near eastern studies. My focus is in the NT but I'd like to study the LXX for my graduate work. I also love studying Church history as a hobby. I've been married nearly 4 years to my Aussie sweetheart, Sarah, who … [Read more...]

Historical Mormon Smackdown: Academic influence Edition!

Hello and welcome back. I have been thinking a lot about the influence of LDS academics on the landscape of our church. They do have influence, but is it enough or the right variety? What is the role of the LDS academic? Well, what better way to begin this than with a web-poll.To that end, I was wondering if you feel that, since we've had LDS academics of one stripe or another since the 50's, if they have had any influence on the leaders of the church? Certainly not the kind of influence … [Read more...]

Cave of John the Baptist

This story relates progress in the excavation of Suba Cave, located about 15 miles west of Jerusalem. The link to the Baptist is controversial, resting mainly on some drawings on the walls and some evidence of baptisms. The real news is that this cave was a happenin' place in the 7th century BCE, making it a feature of Isaiah's era.The original website is here. I totally recommend you click that link for the pictures. To my non-archeologist's eye, the details of the enlargements are … [Read more...]

And the winner is…

The Restoration of the Priesthood has beaten the Book of Mormon in a poll of the most influential forces in today's Mormonism. The final vote was 18-13. I would like to thank everyone who participated.So, does this tell us anything interesting? Also, any suggestions for the return of Historical Mormon Smackdown next week? … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Madness: The Championship Game!

Here it is. Your votes have determined that these are the two most influential forces in Mormonism today.1 - The Book of Mormon vs. 11 - Restoration of the PriesthoodWhich is the more influential force in Mormonism today?The Book of MormonRestoration of the Priesthood  Free polls from Pollhost.comVote and Comment below! … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Final Four winners!

And the winners are:11 Restoration of Priesthood Authority 21 1 Joseph Smith 171 The Book of Mormon 26 6 Sacrament Meeting 10So, the championship game tomorrow will be 1 The Book of Mormon vs. 11 Restoration of Priesthood AuthorityMaybe this means good things for George Mason. … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Final Four

1 Joseph Smith vs. 11 Restoration of Priesthood AuthorityWhich is the more influential force in Mormonism today?Joseph SmithRestoration of Priesthood Authority  Free polls from Pollhost.com1 Book of Mormon vs. 6 Sacrament MeetingWhich is the more influential force in Mormonism today?The Book of MormonSacrament Meeting  Free polls from Pollhost.comVote and comment! Please! … [Read more...]