One day delay in March Mormon Doctrine Madness

I apologize. Things are busier now than I planned for and I need to install a new program to try and get the polls working properly. The game will resume on Monday and the rest of the first round matches will take place next week. Thanks for your participation thusfar.The winners from today are: 2 Brigham Young 25 15 Eugene England 611 Hugh Nibley 26 6 Emma Smith 33 Physical Divine Beings 21 14 Dispensationalism 810 Tithing and Consecration 15 7 Temple Covenants 134 The Pearl of … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Round One, Day Two – Edited

The winners from yesterday were 1 - Joseph Smith 23 16 - Truman Madsen 212 - James Talmage 19 5 - B. H. Roberts 62 - Continuing Revelation 20 15 - "Faith without works is Dead" 611 - Restoration of the Priesthood 21 6 - Work for the Dead 33 - The Doctrine and Covenants 24 14 - The Spaulding Manuscript 17 - The 1st Official Declaration 25 10 - The 1909 Origin of Man Message 24 - Temple Building 21 13 - Sunday School 79 - The Young Women's Program 19 8 - Home Teaching 8Now for … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Madness – Round One, Day One – Fixed

Today's games: … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Madness: The Rules

In March, as you know, we will be running a tournament of sorts. I would like to take some time and explain the schedule and the rules: … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Bracketology

Ever since I started the Historical Mormon Smackdown thing last year, I have had a dream. I have entitled it: March Mormon Doctrine Madness.We have painstakingly come up with 64 influential forces in current Mormonism, have divided them into 4 categories, and have ranked them from one to sixteen. We now present them to the bloggernacle world to vote upon. The criterion: Which is the more influential force in Mormonism today?Having said that, I think it will be a vote for #2. I am going … [Read more...]

Historical Jesus: Italian Trial Ends

An atheist who sued a small-town priest for saying that Jesus Christ existed has had his case thrown out of court. The judge said Luigi Cascioli should himself face charges for slandering Father Enrico Righi. … [Read more...]

Does anyone ever humble themselves?

RoastedTomatoes recent post on Times and Seasons (look here) reminds me of a point that I have been making in my class, but which I am not sure results in actual doctrine. As always, when faced with the possibility of having taught false doctrine in my class, I turn to the faceless opinions of the internet for correction.RT cites Alma 32:13-16 wherein a dichotomy is established between those who are compelled to be humble and those who humble themselves. I have a notion that God is primarily … [Read more...]

Historical Mormon Smackdown: Relative General Authority Edition!

Last week, blogpoll went nuts and I made a mistake which meant that the people say that a member of the Presidency of the Seventy has more impact on the church than the general Relief Society President than the general Sunday School President.In a further effort to fill out my flow-shart of popular understanding of church hierarchy, we have the following: Which priesthood body has a greater impact on my church experience: the Presiding Bishopric or the Presidency of the Seventy?The Presiding … [Read more...]