The Word We’re Looking For is “Rape.”

The GD lesson manual makes the following comment regarding the story of Amnon and Tamar:2 Samuel 13 contains the story of David’s son Amnon and David’s daughter Tamar. Amnon was attracted to Tamar and forced her to commit fornication with him (p. 116)Forced her to commit fornication? … [Read more...]

The New Me

After about a week of retirement, I have decided to come back (technically, it took less time than that). Honestly, I have conflicting emotions regarding my return, but I feel like this is the right thing for me right now (much to my own surprise, even).That said, I am moving away from using my own name. Not that I am ashamed of my writing here and not that I am ashamed of my association with you all, but I feel that such is in the best interests of my family. In any case, from here on out … [Read more...]

March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Bracketology

Ever since I started the Historical Mormon Smackdown thing last year, I have had a dream. I have entitled it: March Mormon Doctrine Madness.We have painstakingly come up with 64 influential forces in current Mormonism, have divided them into 4 categories, and have ranked them from one to sixteen. We now present them to the bloggernacle world to vote upon. The criterion: Which is the more influential force in Mormonism today?Having said that, I think it will be a vote for #2. I am going … [Read more...]

Bibleworks 7 Is Out

Here's the announcement of Bibleworks 7. I'll probably be ordering the update. I am, however, interested in what others think of the "unlocks."Zerwick --> always handyBlass, Debrunner, and Funk --> likewise, when you're not in a libraryCritical appartus stuff --> probably a good idea, at some pointBut how about Comfort & Barrett? Or Balz & Schneider? … [Read more...]