Ten Tantalizing Tidbits about the Book of Mormon

These aren't quite as tantalizing as TT's NT tidbits, but we don't have similar extra-scriptural data to work with here. I'm trying to be as provocative as I can (which probably just reveals my hard-core McConkie-style orthodoxy <g>) … [Read more...]

Ten Tidbits about the NT

A friend of mine recently asked me to sketch out ten "provocative" axioms about the New Testament that Latter-day Saints might find surprising given the assumptions that they typically bring to the text. This exercise is by no means unique to the New Testament. Similar lists could be produced about the OT, other religions, LDS church history, etc. However, since this year we are studying the NT in Sunday School, it might be a useful time to reflect theologically on the significance of some of … [Read more...]