John Hall and why we can’t have nice, biblical things (part 2)

This may become a recurring series. Who knows. There is a mountain of material with more coming out each year it seems. Anyway, today's installment comes from John F. Hall, a former professor of Classical Studies at BYU and self-styled scholar of the New Testament. In his 2002 monograph New Testament Witnesses of Christ: Peter, John, James, and Paul (Covenant) the reader finds this (p. 59):"Modern critics resort to literary analysis and redaction criticism to dismiss the accounts of Mark and … [Read more...]

This is why we can’t have nice, biblical things

Apparently this advertisement was sent to students and faculty at BYU who are in some way connected to the study of HB/NT."You are invited to attend a public lecture this Wednesday by Margaret Barker, the well-known British founder of the Temple Studies group in London. The title of her lecture on deification is “The Lord is One.” This presentation will be held in the Varsity Theater, in the Wilkinson Student Center at 4:00 pm, Wednesday, November 9.After her presentation, Andrew Skinne … [Read more...]

Review of The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Companion, ed. John Barton

I have posted a review of The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Companion, ed. John Barton, on my blog. … [Read more...]

Announcement: Faith and Knowledge 2017

Faith Promoting Rumor is happy to learn of the upcoming Faith and Knowledge conference. For more details about the conference, visit the website HARVARD DIVINITY SCHOOLCAMBRIDGE, MA FEBRUARY 24-25, 2017The Faith and Knowledge Conference was established in 2007 to bring together LDS graduate students in religious studies and related disciplines in order to explore the interactions between religious faith and scholarship. During the past five … [Read more...]

Review of Debra Scoggins Ballentine, The Conflict Myth and the Biblical Tradition (2015)

I have a new post up on a book that treats the myth of God's combat with the Sea/Leviathan … [Read more...]

אל קנה ארץ: Creator, Begetter, or Owner of the Earth?

I have a new article up on my blog about the meaning of the verb qny in the divine epithet qny ʾrṣ, variously translated “Creator,” “Begetter,” or “Owner of the earth.” I argue that the verb never means “to create” in West Semitic and that all attested usages can be explained on the assumption that they derive from a single root with the basic meaning “to acquire, come into possession.” The correct translation of Hebrew qnh šmym wʾrṣ in Gen 14: 19, 22 is “Owner of heaven and earth.” … [Read more...]

Review of Biblical Interpretation Beyond Historicity, ed. Ingrid Hjelm and Thomas L. Thompson

If anyone is interested, I have a new post up on my site, which is a review of Biblical Interpretation Beyond Historicity, ed. Ingrid Hjelm and Thomas L. Thompson. … [Read more...]

The Book of Mormon Wars

Over the weekend I became aware of a piece written by Stephen Smoot at the Interpreter that reminded me the Book of Mormon Wars are unfortunately alive and well in some quarters. Uncompromisingly, Smoot declares BoM historicity to be an all or nothing affair and identifies those who promote an inspired fiction theory as not only intellectually compromised but faithless to boot. In my opinion, this kind of rhetoric does a real disservice to the Mormon community, since instead of trying to cont … [Read more...]