Historical Mormon Smackdown: Cross Dispensational Apostolic Inspiration edition!

First of all, sorry for the spotty posting of late. Second, it appears that the last Smackdown ended in a tie. I don't quite know how to respond to that, but since Joseph Smith's polygamy is more personally disturbing to me, I'll declare him the winner (the priviliges of the FPR elite, dontchaknow).Onward and upward, This weeks topic of contention: Which early Christian apostle provides a better set of parameters by which to examine the presidency of Brigham Young: Peter or Paul?Peter: the … [Read more...]

False Doctrine being taught at BYU?

It is possible that I accidentally taught false doctrine to my students at BYU yesterday, so I am going to put what I said before you, my discerning audience, and allow you to help me decide if a retraction, a clarification, or an affirmation is in order. It made sense at the time, but I was speaking off the cuff and further research has cast some doubt. I have given my students an assignment wherein they are to explain how Christ is both the Father and the Son. We talked about this a bit and … [Read more...]

Historical Mormon Smackdown: Polygamist Edition!

Well folks, it turns out that Joseph F. Smith must have more modern influence. I wonder why more people don't read his books...Anyhoo, here is this week's morsel for your comsumption, inspired by though not quite stolen from, Ronan's post at BCC.Who is the more troubling polygamist: Joseph Smith, Jr. or Warren Jeffs? … [Read more...]

Historical Mormon Prophet Smackdown

Well, it turns out that since I left the last smackdown up long enough, the lead changed twice. Eventually Elder Roberts was ahead and, since I wanted him to win, I stopped the poll before that could change again. Whew!On to this week's battle of all time: Who do you think wields more influence over the church today: President Brigham Young or President Joseph F. Smith? … [Read more...]

An open letter to the lds.org webmaster (or why out-of-context quotes are bad)

"Happiness and spiritual progress lie in following the leaders of the Church."—Elder Dallin H. OaksEnsign, May 1999, 37I love the church, the gospel, and the prophets. I am a particularly big fan of Elder Oaks. But this quote, found without context on the lds.org page, is kinda creepy, huh.Let's put it in context. It is from a talk about Martin Harris. In it, Elder Oaks describes Harris's life, emphasizing the good about him. He covers his alienation from and then reconciliation with the c … [Read more...]

Um, Ow!

"If you feel that Heavenly Father is not listening to your petitions, ask yourself if you are listening to the cries of the poor, the sick, the hungry, and the afflicted all around you."—Elder Joseph B. WirthlinEnsign, May 2001, 74 … [Read more...]

Historical Mormon Smackdown! Evo-NDBF Edition

Remember back when I posted a weekly poll...good times. Well, since the Bloggernacle Times has started up again, I've decided I can go back to the well, too.When last we spoke, the Old Testament was making sure that the Pearl of Great Price hied back to Kolob (rim-shot). This week, a reason to really bicker:Who has the most influence on faithful LDS scholarship?President Joseph Fielding Smith or Elder B. H. RobertsPresident Smith is the son of the son of the brother of Joseph. He was the … [Read more...]

Why do we fall?

Assuming that the Fall of Humanity wasn't an unplanned for mistake, but a part of God's overall plan, why do we need to Fall? … [Read more...]