‘Hit pigeons flutter’

I am being given a tryout at BYU this fall in the religion department. Good or bad, it won't necessarily turn into a job, but it could. Anyhoo, I have been thinking over my BYU religion class experiences, what was good and what was bad. I had two classes from religion professors, two from a language professor, and two from grad students. My first class was horrible, my remaining classes were better, because I got better at choosing them. I think this is the general pattern of most students. … [Read more...]

I am the Bread

This past Sunday, our stake high council speaker said something that struck me as interesting. I should be clear that I am not a high council speaker basher and therefore I will not point out that this is a rare enough occurance to warrant its own post.Instead, I will focus on what he said, sort of. In the course of his sermon, he brought up the miracle of feeding the multitude. Generally, when people talk about this miracle, they talk about how many people were fed. This speaker chose to … [Read more...]

Historical Mormon Smackdown! [edited]

Inspired mostly by your comments on my Emma post, but also because I am curious to see if this will be the runaway win that I think it will be I offer you:HISTORICAL MORMON SMACKDOWN!This week's contestants: Emma Hale Smith and Eliza Snow Smith. Which of Joseph's two most prominent wives do you think is the most important historical figure in Mormonism?Emma, first wife of Joseph, subject of D&C 25, mentioned a few other times in the D&C, struggled with and eventually denied the … [Read more...]

Is there anything wrong with cheap sentiment?

In the past I have heard people complaining about "Theological Twinkies," several of which I am sure you are familiar with. The idea being that these stories are beneath us in some way because they don't come directly from the scriptures or because they are overused. For some reason, people who use these things to help themselves feel the spirit or understand the gospel are to be condescended to because they don't understand just how useless these stories are.While I appreciate the concern, … [Read more...]

Straight outta BYUNewsnet (part 3)

Career center creates competitive collegiansHam-handed headlines heighten humor, as alliteration always ables absurdity … [Read more...]

So, according to Ezra Taft Benson…

I don't have a Benson quote for this post (although I did read Beware of Pride this morning and felt a bit like I do when I read Alma 5 (chastened)). Instead I have a concern regarding the usefulness of past prophets?Why do we feel like we can set aside the counsel of past prophets? Admittedly, we don't ususally look at things this way, but we tend to get so caught up in the interests/inspired counsel of the current prophet that we just don't seem to ponder the former prophets like we used … [Read more...]

The philosophies of men…

Is there anything we do in an average Block meeting that isn't to some degree the spreading of the philosophies of men, mingled with scripture? (Certainly that is what we are engaged in here on the 'nacle).I think that the sacrament doesn't fit this category and in many cases prayer doesn't either. Is there anything else?Should something be done about this? If so, what could be done about this? Also, is this why people say that the sacrament is the real reason why me meet on Sunday? … [Read more...]

Wait a second, Joseph Smith went to jail?!?

Fourth Grade Teacher Apologizes For Joseph Smith CommentAnd you thought Elder Packer was protective of Mormon history. … [Read more...]