A Principal’s Prayer for Sandy Hook, Newtown, and Chardon

It's taken me a few days to write this. Regular readers know I'm usually not lacking for words. Whether they like them or not is another matter.But this one is different.  What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School hit close to home in more ways than one.I recently completed twelve years of service growing and leading a Christian school of over 400 students. I served as the Principal for many years until stepping away just a few months ago to pursue God's call in a new direction. So the … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for a Crisis: Ministry Lessons from the Chardon Shooting

We are all told to expect the unexpected. Those of us in ministry certainly know one thing: we never know what's coming next.Hurricane Sandy or other natural disasters, unexpected plant closings that leave thousands unemployed, or the tragic shooting right here in my own hometown of Chardon earlier this year -- a crisis like any of these can blindside us, leaving ministry leaders wondering how to best prepare their ministry for a crisis they can't see coming.We certainly saw this happen he … [Read more...]