Do You Ever Wish You Could Just Get Over Your Bad Self?

Have you ever failed to walk by faith? Have you ever fallen and felt as if you would never get back up? If not, please click off this page. There's nothing for you to see here.And you'll make the rest of us feel bad.Not long ago, I confessed that a healthy sense of self-loathing can be a good thing when we fail to overcome the Resistance in our walk of faith. [ See my post To All Those Who Just Want to Quit ] Our anger at ourselves in those times of frustrated failure can and should b … [Read more...]

Easter Sermon Audio: Everything Changes When Jesus Speaks

Celebrate Resurrection Day with a listen to my recent sermon based on John 20, exploring the first few interactions people had with Jesus following his triumphant rising from the dead.Everyone Jesus encounters is confused, fearful, and or doubting. Maybe you can relate. Not surprisingly, everything changes when Jesus speaks.Listen. Learn. Believe. He is risen!  … [Read more...]

When All You Can Do Is Trust

A recent airplane flight reminded me that there are times in life when all you can do is trust. They happen much more than we might think, these life moments that require faith from us.My reminder came with a brief airplane ride, one of those where it takes you longer to drive to the airport than it does to fly to your destination. Because the flight was short, the plane was small. Kind of like a can turned sideways with jet engines attached. And a few vinyl seats tossed in to fool you into … [Read more...]

Remember to Stop Being Afraid with Humility

Welcome to a series on How to Stop Being Afraid with wisdom from Psalm 46. Our quest continues to step two in the journey to learn How to Stop Being Afraid. We began by exploring the call in Psalm 46:1 to remember who God is and what that means. He is both our defense and our offense. We get grounded on Him in the face of life's chaos and overwhelming storms that the psalmist so vividly describes: Therefore we will not fear, Even though the earth be removed, And though the mountains be carried … [Read more...]

How to Stop Being Afraid? Trust in the Strength of God

Welcome to a series here at Patheos to follow up on my post How to Stop Being Afraid with wisdom from Psalm 46. I don't know about you, but whenever I feel afraid, I start think about what I can do. I look for some way to solve the problem. I confess that my first move for overcoming fear is often to trust in my own strength and not in the strength of God.I don't think I'm alone.As I noted earlier in this series How to  Stop Being Afraid, when we're facing tough stuff in life God Is Our … [Read more...]

How to Stop Being Afraid? In God We Trust

Welcome to a series here at Patheos to follow up on my post How to Stop Being Afraid with wisdom from Psalm 46. No. "In God we trust" did not make its first appearance upon US currency. Psalm 46:1 says that "God is our refuge."The psalmist makes this incredible claim that the infinite God is our defense at the start of Psalm 46 to help us to stop being afraid. Building on the simple yet deeply profound statement that it all starts with remembering God, we now get personal. The God of the … [Read more...]

How to Stop Being Afraid: Just Who Is this God?

Welcome to a series here at Patheos to follow up on my post How to Stop Being Afraid with wisdom from Psalm 46. After the last post (Want to Stop Being Afraid? Step 1: It All Starts with God) focused on where we should start in overcoming fear, the next valid question might best be: Just who is this God?We'd be wrong to assume that everyone knows -- or remembers. We are forgetful people. Even those of us who should know better. Maybe that's why the psalmist started with God's most common … [Read more...]

How to Stop Being Afraid

For my Patheos friends, this post kicks off a series over the next few weeks as we unpack the following steps from Psalm 46 in more detail to discover God's wisdom on how to stop being afraid.  Enjoy! Smack dab in the middle between real life and real faith is -- real fear.  Fear of failure. Fear that we'll look foolish. Fear that everyone will laugh when we do. Fear that __________ -- fill in the blank with your own fear. There's no shortage of them.I believe that for those who have trusted in … [Read more...]