Hope during a time of uncertainty comes from within

Hope is something outgoing President Barack Obama championed on his way to the White House and throughout his eight years in office. His successor, President-elect Donald Trump has talked about making the nation great again. This year’s presidential election has caused historic polarization.  Fear, angst, and a genuine, sustained spiritual despair have gripped many citizens [Read More…]

Trump candidacy makes case for separation of church and state

    Evangelical support for the GOP presidential nominee may do more to trivialize faith and secularize America than any liberal or card carrying ACLU member. As of October 14, two-thirds of Evangelicals still supported Donald Trump for the nation’s highest office. Although Trump has pledged to better protect religious freedom by, among other things, appointing [Read More…]

Christmas light from prison

America throws away people, especially young offenders who often project or act out because of untreated behavioral health issues or from abuse experienced physically, spiritually, and emotionally growing up in dysfunctional homes. They later become guests of the state. This is not to excuse or rationalize the pain people cause one another. It’s an effort to understand. In another [Read More…]

Finding Spirituality, Losing Religion

In November, the Pew Research Center released its findings of 35,000 surveyed Americans. It found a slight drop in religious affiliation and belief in a higher power. The decline in daily prayer, church going, and belief in a divine creator “declined modestly in recent years”, according to the report. The 266 page study noted Millennials are the [Read More…]

Another Lesson from the Homeless

On Thursday, October 8, I stepped outside a healthcare center in upstate New York where I do ethics and compliance work. The center primarily serves the economically disadvantaged. An older man had pushed to the center’s front door a grocery cart with his homeless friend sitting inside. A torn, soiled seat cushion provided some comfort [Read More…]

What if Churches Lost Tax Exempt Status?

Tax-exempt status for churches is “an evil” and “if permitted to continue, will probably lead to great trouble.” No, that’s not from a recent commentary by satirist John Oliver who created a stir when he criticized the IRS for not providing oversight of churches and unscrupulous fundraising tactics. President Ulysses Grant said it. Oliver is [Read More…]

What Would You Say to Pope Francis?

The head of a healthcare organization where I do ethics and compliance work asked me shortly after a meeting, “What would you say to the Pope, if given the opportunity?” The CEO and a few members of his family will attend Mass celebrated by the Holy Father at Madison Square Garden in New York City. [Read More…]

Kentucky Clerk: Bigot, Hypocrite, or Wounded Soul?

Human nature fascinates me. Every one of us does things, for good or ill, because of past experiences. Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-gender couples is no different. She’s allowed herself to be arrested for her religious convictions, though it was avoidable had Davis permitted deputy clerks to issue [Read More…]

Christian activists must take on usury and credit scores

Whether speaking in pulpits, lobbying lawmakers, organizing rallies, or discussing the issue in the media to elevate awareness, Christian activists must expand the definition of economic justice to include usury and credit scores. How is squeezing more money from someone with a compromised credit score stemming from illness, divorce, unemployment, identity theft, or one of [Read More…]

Actor Stephen Fry calls God “maniac,” if God exists

Recently, an interviewer asked actor and spirited atheist Stephen Fry what if he was wrong and God existed. What would he say? Fry responded, “Bone cancer in children, what’s that about? How dare you, how dare you create a world where there is such misery that’s not our fault? It’s utterly, utterly evil.” If there [Read More…]