Do unto others: the dangers of discrimination based on religion

In January, the US Supreme Court decided to hear arguments on expanding the definition of secular marriage. One issue before the court will determine whether states without same-sex marriage may prohibit them, but be required to recognize such unions for residents who had them legally performed elsewhere. The other is more encompassing and pertains to [Read More…]

Question in the New Year

Often when as Corporate Chaplain or personal Spiritual Director I conduct a workshop, speak before a civic group, or receive an email inquiry about inner wellbeing there is a direct or inferred question about the meaning of life, or lack thereof. It’s understandable when you think about the injustice surrounding us whether poverty, homelessness, inequality, [Read More…]

Thanksgiving Day Reflection

There is something holy, divine and inherently spiritual about your being. It’s one of the many things for which to offer thanks on Thursday. Earlier this month, I gave a workshop on integrating spiritual care with mind and body health. One of the questions explored involved meaning and purpose. Finding relevance in a cold, complicated [Read More…]

Spirituality at Hannaford grocery

In November, I offered a workshop and facilitated a conversation on integrating mind and body health with spirituality, broadly defined, at the office of EAP Capital in Albany, NY.  Although I had a few things to share bordering on the esoteric and philosophical, much of it focused on pragmatic, practical ways to nurture inner wellbeing on a [Read More…]

Sandy the homeless lady and ethics

The homeless have much to teach business professionals about ethics, perspective, and sense of self. Let me introduce you to Sandy, who merits being dubbed San Diego’s unofficial ambassador. This homeless soul had a smile broader than the harbor, warmth that rivaled the sun’s rays, eyes as big as the sky’s beauty, and good cheer [Read More…]

Ethics, Truth and Fairness on Wall Street

In July, I had an opportunity to speak before a group on Wall Street regarding spirituality’s positive impact on ethics.  Yeah, talking about values and inner-wellbeing to professionals in New York’s financial district is like a lamb entering the den of hungry, arrogant, and disdainful lions.  I shared fellowship and survived. There’s a banner prominently [Read More…]

What do you do?

At social functions, especially during business networking opportunities, we have been conditioned to ask, “What do you do?”  In many ways it speaks to our personal ethics and sense of self in a competitive world. Too often we’re defined, because we allow it, by societal definitions of success including wealth and education.  We’re quick to [Read More…]

Poll: Americans Won’t Support Atheist for President

State and federal laws and constitutions prohibit discrimination based on religious belief.  Ironically, American’s are 53% less likely to support someone for president who expresses disbelief in God, according to a recent Pew Research poll.  Marriage equality has more popularity with a growing number of Americans than honest, hardworking professionals who, for understandable reasons, are [Read More…]

The Sojourn, it is about process, not a goal

Rather than be spooked the next time you drive by or walk and whistle past a cemetery, think about all the individuals in it who are rarely, if ever, visited.  Most have been forgotten.  Look at the experience of walking or driving by a cemetery from a Sophiological perspective.  Think about their power, influence and [Read More…]

One regret too many – reflecting on one’s life

In “My Way,” Frank Sinatra crooned, “…regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again too few to mention.”  In the end, even if the regrets are few in number, it only takes one to challenge your conscience, thus causing self-doubt, regarding whether your personal sojourn was noble, honorable and true to one’s Creation as the [Read More…]