Beyond the Red Menace


In a June 14th blog entry Archbishop Timothy Dolan of the New York Diocese lamented about the likely passage of marriage equality in the state.  As of June 16th the legislation, with several religious exemptions included, needed one vote to pass the state Senate.  It  has passed the Assembly.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Roman Catholic, will sign [Read More...]

Modern Usury & the Failure of Christian Ethics

Jesus Chases Out the Money Changers

Christain Darwinian-capitalist logic holds sway among many. [Read more...]

Sophia, Science, and Homosexuality


In May 2011, Pope Benedict XVI had a historic conversation from the Vatican with astronauts aboard the International Space Station.  He said that science and scientific exploration were “a powerful stimulus to reflect on the limitless heavens and meditate on the creation of it all, we are struck by the mysteries of His greatness.”[i]  He [Read More...]

Sophiology – A Brief History


Christian identification with Divine Wisdom as the Holy Spirit, though not widespread, dates to at least Theophilus of Antioch (d.183?) and Irenaeus of Lyons (125?-202?).[i] Despite Orthodoxy’s official denunciation of Sophianism, Sophia has had a role in the Orthodox faith from early-on as evidenced by construction of a church and cathedrals to honor her - Constantinople (360 A.D., 415 [Read More...]

Christ Centered Sophiology

Eastern Orthodox Icon of Holy Sophia

Holy Sophia (Divine Wisdom) is the Holy Spirit.  Belief that Sophia and the Spirit are the same dramatically shifts the Christian paradigm theologically, philosophically, and how we live a Christ centered, Christian driven life.  It challenges us to reassess low and high Christology.  Different ways to do and approach theology are revealed.  Our understanding of [Read More...]


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