Kim Kierkegaardashian and the Culture of Nothingness

“Rise & grind! Busy day!! Gym then packing 4 Paris again! This is the despair of finitude, when the self is lost to the temporal, the trivial,” tweeted Kim Kierkegaardashian, a Twitter account that combines Søren Kierkegaard quotes and Kim Kardashian’s tweets. As the New Yorker reports, this feed offers “reflective maxims on life, death, sin, and emptiness, salted with luxury accessories of the Kardashian lifestyle.” The Washington Post explains, “Basically what you have is profound ideas tha … [Read more...]

In Defense of Distrusting Chickens

 Not too long ago I was approached by a gentleman who had read something about my farm in a brochure. He was concerned, he told me. Concerned that my attitude towards my livestock was “overly anthropomorphic”. He didn’t like that I named my pigs, or spoke to my sheep about the weather, or talked about my chickens as though they were in the business of forming conspiracies against the rest of the barnyard. Perhaps, he told me, there was no harm done, since I certainly must know better tha … [Read more...]

Finding Bigfoot and Losing Cynicism

Sunday was the season two finale of Animal Planet’s hit series “Finding Bigfoot.”  I watched it, and then felt bad about myself.  Not because I dislike the show—I actually love it.  The problem is that I hate the reasons why I love it.The show’s premise is simple. Four people travel from place to place trying to find Bigfoot.  Three of them—Matt, Cliff, and Bobo—are hardcore Bigfoot believers.  Matt and Cliff interview most of the witnesses and examine the evidence, while Bobo uses his large … [Read more...]