Worldliness and Anxiety

Walking across Dartmouth’s campus recently I overheard one student say to another: “Hey – you should come to Gammapalooza at Chi Gam tonight, everyone’ll be there...” and then somewhat compassionately added, “but don’t worry if you can’t.... no FOMO!” If you don’t know what this acronym stands for, I’m sorry to say, you’re missing out. It’s one of the most useful acronyms to be added to the online urban dictionary in the last five years. FOMO = “fear of missing out”. With these four letters the a … [Read more...]

A Puritan and a Biologist on the Appeal of Beauty

Lance Hosey’s opinion piece from last week’s New York Times carries the promising headline “Why We Love Beautiful Things,” but the article fails to fulfill the title’s promise. Hosey considers a number of aesthetically pleasing objects and explains them all in purely naturalistic terms. On his account, the color green arouses creativity and motivation because it hearkens back a fertile oasis that meant sustained life for our Saharan ancestors; the Golden Rectangle is beautiful because it is the s … [Read more...]