I like to be in America!

Cross-posted from my “personal stuff” blog, The Dawn Patrol: The online home of America magazine today features “How God Heals Sexual Abuse: An Interview with Author Dawn Eden.” An excerpt: What do you want readers to take away from your writings? I want people to know that Jesus, in winning the victory over sin, has [Read More...]

UPDATED WITH RESPONSE: Were the Vatican & USCCB “unjust” to order a Catholic blogger to take down reformatted versions of Francis’s encyclical?

Readers of New Advent this morning got a surprise when, after clicking on a headline promising free downloads of Pope Francis’s encyclical Lumen Fidei for “Kindle, Nook, iPad, and more,” they instead found the following on the website of popular blogger/author Brandon Vogt: In the last couple hours, I’ve received a litany of emails from both the [Read More...]

Bergoglio’s hidden heroism

Jorge Mario Bergoglio once risked his life to save two Jesuit priests from execution by the Argentine junta—and then, in his humility, refused to advertise his heroism. Leftist media took advantage of the future Pope Francis’s silence by smearing him with accusations of collaboration, writes Buenos Aires journalist Carlos Caso-Rosendi: [He] is a man’s man [Read More...]

Francis: Our new Pope of Divine Mercy

If Blessed John Paul II was known as the “Pope of Divine Mercy,” that title now seems particularly apt for Pope Francis. Here are some beautiful observation that Jorge Mario Bergoglio made in a talk he gave in 2001, shortly after John Paul elevated him to the cardinalate: When Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love [Read More...]