Reflecting on the still, small voice that sustains us

There is a scene in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia novel The Magician’s Nephew in which Aslan, the lion who represents Christ, sings Narnia and all the universe around it into existence. His voice seems to thunder from every direction, shaking the very air. Perhaps that is an apt allegory for the creation of the [Read More...]

Dominicans’ Angelic Warfare Confraternity director urges members to read My Peace, calling it “a powerful aid for healing and renewal”

As a member of the Angelic Warfare Confraternity, the Dominican Friars’ apostolate for Catholic men and women who pray for one another as they seek to grow in chastity, I was deeply honored when the confraternity’s director, Father James Dominic Brent, O.P., recently sent an e-mail to members urging them to read my book My [Read More...]

Why we pray the Stations of the Cross: They bring us to “that liminal moment where Christ Jesus suffers and dies for us”

From the Diocese of Helena comes this thoughtful reflection by Father Sean Raftis on why we pray the Stations. “Through the Stations of the Cross,” he observes, “we are at that liminal moment where Christ Jesus suffers and dies for us, for our sins and for our redemption, so that He can unlock the gates [Read More...]

GUEST POST: Cancer patient hopes to be Blessed John Duns Scotus’s miracle. You can help!

The following is a guest point from RUSSELL J. GRIGAITIS, O.F.S., an e-mail pal and Third Order Franciscan who was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma: I would like to ask you to join me today, March 11, in beginning to pray a novena to Blessed John Duns Scotus that I be healed from cancer [again, "I"=Russell [Read More...]

GUEST POST: “Why I Don’t Buy It,” by Kevin Tierney

The following piece by Kevin Tierney is reprinted with permission from his blog Common Sense Catholicism: With far less fanfare than before, Matt McGuiness concludes his “Second Look at Porn” series over at Catholic News Agency.  I can only say that if he had simply jettisoned the first two columns and instead just published this, he would [Read More...]

A free podcast of the talk I gave today at Notre Dame on healing sexual wounds with the help of the saints …

… awaits you on my personal blog, The Dawn Patrol. [Read more...]

On the blessedness of those who mourn

From an e-mail I wrote today to a reader who commented that my “Journey Home” interview encouraged him as he mourns the loss of his daughter: It says in Scripture, in more than one place, that love is stronger than death; love never dies. Several years ago, I began to contemplate what it means to [Read More...]

WATCH NOW: My interview on EWTN’s “The Journey Home”

Here is the video of my interview on “The Journey Home” that premiered last night on EWTN, in which I share my conversion story with host Marcus Grodi and also talk about the message of my book of Catholic spirituality for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds [Read More...]

Eugenio Zolli, Chief Rabbi of Rome turned Catholic convert, on the divine value of tears from the heart

“Tears acquire value when they are not merely expressive of superficial emotion, but arise from the heart—a motus proprius of the soul, expressing interior grief or joy. Only such tears have a voice, a voice inaudible to the physical ear, and yet so powerful that it reaches God’s throne. … “[The founder of Hasidic Judaism, [Read More...]

Remembering the Source of our shelter

After my post the other day about Leonard Cohen, my friend William Doino, Jr., pointed me to another Cohen song with a religious message: “If It Be Your Will.” Here it is, performed with crystalline beauty by the Webb Sisters. Praying that the Lord give us shelter from all our storms, and especially from Sandy. [Read More...]