GUEST POST: Cancer patient hopes to be Blessed John Duns Scotus’s miracle. You can help!

The following is a guest point from RUSSELL J. GRIGAITIS, O.F.S., an e-mail pal and Third Order Franciscan who was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma: I would like to ask you to join me today, March 11, in beginning to pray a novena to Blessed John Duns Scotus that I be healed from cancer [again, "I"=Russell [Read More...]

St. Margaret of Cortona: All things are possible to Love

Today is the feast of the 13th-century holy woman St. Margaret of Cortona, whose journey to sanctity included suffering abuse by her stepmother and rejection by her father; loving a man who fathered her child but refused to marry her; suffering public chastisement for having a child out of wedlock; and having to support her [Read More...]

A free podcast of the talk I gave today at Notre Dame on healing sexual wounds with the help of the saints …

… awaits you on my personal blog, The Dawn Patrol. [Read more...]

Beauty ever ancient and ever new

Sarah de Nordwall, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting earlier this month, sends this gorgeous versification of St. Augustine’s commentary on Psalm 44:3, which she in turn received from an Augustinian monk. Augustine interprets the Psalm as describing Christ: He is beautiful in heaven; beautiful on earth; beautiful in the womb; beautiful in [Read More...]

VIDEO: I discuss St. Thérèse of Lisieux on Ireland’s iCatholic

While preparing to speak about My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints in the London area on January 7 and 8 (see my tour schedule on The Dawn Patrol), I had the opportunity to share my book’s message with the Irish video site Here is a clip [Read More...]

A saint who said “d’oh” (and a priest who imitates him)

On this day that the Church celebrates the life of Francis Xavier, I urge you to take five minutes to listen to a marvelous podcast by the English Jesuit Father John Edwards about the great saint who was one of the first to join St. Ignatius Loyola in what would become the Society of Jesus. [Read More...]

The saints “rose above their violations through a deep conviction of divine love in their hearts”

Melissa Kimiadi of A Journey Through NYC Religions writes beautifully of how the saints, having shared in our experience of brokenness, now show us how to share in their healing in Christ:  Saints were degraded and thrown into the dirt by their own families as unwanted children. Yet, they rose above their violations through a [Read More...]

Poles apart: Santa Claus and the real St. Nick

In the latest issue of the Weekly Standard, I review a new biography of St. Nicholas and find that the culture, in Santa-izing him, has truly sanitized him. Whereas Santa is a secular icon, the real St. Nick was “against all forms of paganism, schism, and heresy”: Granted, Nicholas is never seen resorting to violence against persons. [Read More...]

Practicing the presence of people

Yesterday I returned from a trip to Rome with my father, who had invited me to join him as he traveled there to speak at a scientific conference. It was a grace-filled experience on many levels (more on that in a future post or two), but one of the most meaningful parts of it was [Read More...]

WATCH NOW: My interview on EWTN’s “The Journey Home”

Here is the video of my interview on “The Journey Home” that premiered last night on EWTN, in which I share my conversion story with host Marcus Grodi and also talk about the message of my book of Catholic spirituality for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds [Read More...]