“Being hopeful doesn’t mean being ‘Little Mary Sunshine’ all the time”

Rachel Balducci, the co-host of Catholic TV’s “The Gist” and best-selling author of How Do You Tuck In a Superhero? And Other Delightful Mysteries of Raising Boys, just published an interview with me on her Testosterhome blog about my book My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints. Her [Read More...]

“This is the night”: A Holy Saturday reflection

Holy Saturday is particularly meaningful for me because it was on Holy Saturday in 2006 that I received the Sacrament of Confirmation, after being received into the Catholic Church on Holy Thursday. In the following excerpt from My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints, I write about how, in [Read More...]

“Perhaps God’s greatest miracle is not creation, but re-creation”: My talk at the Courage conference

I wrote to you earlier about the beautiful experience I had last month at the annual Courage Apostolate conference, and am now delighted to share with you a video of the talk I gave there. An audio podcast is also available, courtesy of AirMaria.com. The video is long. If you are pressed for time, I [Read More...]

Healing with Courage

Since returning last Sunday from the four-day Courage/EnCourage conference, where I spoke about healing sexual wounds with the help of the saints, I have wanted to write about what it was like for me to witness the vital work done by the Catholic apostolate that ministers to same-sex-attracted men and women as well as their [Read More...]

Cardinal Wuerl delivers outstanding homily in support of embattled Newman Center chaplain

Tonight I was proud to witness Washington Archbishop Donald Cardinal Wuerl deliver an outstanding defense of Father Greg Shaffer, the George Washington University Newman Center chaplain whom gay-rights activists are seeking to have removed for upholding Catholic teaching on homosexual acts. The defense came within a homily at a 7:30 p.m. student Mass that Wuerl [Read More...]

Francis: Our new Pope of Divine Mercy

If Blessed John Paul II was known as the “Pope of Divine Mercy,” that title now seems particularly apt for Pope Francis. Here are some beautiful observation that Jorge Mario Bergoglio made in a talk he gave in 2001, shortly after John Paul elevated him to the cardinalate: When Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love [Read More...]

Why we pray the Stations of the Cross: They bring us to “that liminal moment where Christ Jesus suffers and dies for us”

From the Diocese of Helena comes this thoughtful reflection by Father Sean Raftis on why we pray the Stations. “Through the Stations of the Cross,” he observes, “we are at that liminal moment where Christ Jesus suffers and dies for us, for our sins and for our redemption, so that He can unlock the gates [Read More...]

Beauty ever ancient and ever new

Sarah de Nordwall, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting earlier this month, sends this gorgeous versification of St. Augustine’s commentary on Psalm 44:3, which she in turn received from an Augustinian monk. Augustine interprets the Psalm as describing Christ: He is beautiful in heaven; beautiful on earth; beautiful in the womb; beautiful in [Read More...]

Our Lord “wants not only to be loved in a Child, but in your child”: Christmas wisdom from Caryll Houselander

I just finished Caryll Houselander’s 1947 novel The Dry Wood (beautiful overall, though not without flaws) and found a stunning passage on the mystery of the suffering of innocents, an apt follow-up to the one I posted earlier. The scene is the funeral of a child; the speaker is a priest, delivering the homily; and the [Read More...]

Caryll Houselander: “Sin tried to batter life out of the innocent son of God … just as it has done to the bodies of innocence ever since”

I am reading the 1947 novel The Dry Wood by English Catholic mystic (and so-called “original Bond girl”) Caryll Houselander, and am struck by a profoundly prophetic passage that seems particularly meaningful in the wake of the Newtown slaughter. The scene begins as first-time father Art Jewel witnesses hospital staff treat his deformed newborn son, Willie, [Read More...]