Jennifer Fulwiler gives a nod to My Peace I Give You with “Praying for People You Can’t Pray For”

What a beautiful surprise to find Jennifer Fulwiler (left), in her latest blog entry for the National Catholic Register, returning to the interview she did with me last year. Jennifer writes: I know that it’s right and good to pray for our enemies, but sometimes the thought of certain people brings up emotions so raw [Read More...]

Francis: Our new Pope of Divine Mercy

If Blessed John Paul II was known as the “Pope of Divine Mercy,” that title now seems particularly apt for Pope Francis. Here are some beautiful observation that Jorge Mario Bergoglio made in a talk he gave in 2001, shortly after John Paul elevated him to the cardinalate: When Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love [Read More...]

Why we pray the Stations of the Cross: They bring us to “that liminal moment where Christ Jesus suffers and dies for us”

From the Diocese of Helena comes this thoughtful reflection by Father Sean Raftis on why we pray the Stations. “Through the Stations of the Cross,” he observes, “we are at that liminal moment where Christ Jesus suffers and dies for us, for our sins and for our redemption, so that He can unlock the gates [Read More...]

Looking for the latest news on my speaking dates and other My Peace-related stuff?

Hie thee to The Dawn Patrol, my blog for news on Life in Eden. Speaking dates are here; news on my studies, apostolate, and vocation are here. You can also follow me on Twitter. [Read more...]

GUEST POST: Cancer patient hopes to be Blessed John Duns Scotus’s miracle. You can help!

The following is a guest point from RUSSELL J. GRIGAITIS, O.F.S., an e-mail pal and Third Order Franciscan who was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma: I would like to ask you to join me today, March 11, in beginning to pray a novena to Blessed John Duns Scotus that I be healed from cancer [again, "I"=Russell [Read More...]


I am looking forward to attending Mass today at a local parish that celebrates in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite and, particularly, to taking in the silence during the Canon. Silence is the language of lovers—of heart speaking to heart, as Newman says. When you experience the joy of being face-to-face with the [Read More...]

James O’Keefe of the misleadingly named Project Veritas agrees to pay $100K settlement …

… to a man whose last name is Latin for “truth.” G.K. Chesterton, whom O’Keefe claims to admire, couldn’t have written an apter twist to the story of the young Alinskyite activist who boasted he was “lying to bring down a greater lie.” ACORN may well have deserved to be defunded. But Juan Vera did not [Read More...]

AUDIO: Outstanding homily on spiritual healing and forgiveness

Audio Sancto, which offers free podcasts of Catholic sermons, currently features a beautiful homily given last Sunday on healing from childhood abuse. The priest (who is not named, as Audio Sancto requires listeners to maintain priests’ anonymity so that the homilists don’t get inundated with listener questions) gives exceptionally helpful advice for those seeking spiritual [Read More...]

St. Margaret of Cortona: All things are possible to Love

Today is the feast of the 13th-century holy woman St. Margaret of Cortona, whose journey to sanctity included suffering abuse by her stepmother and rejection by her father; loving a man who fathered her child but refused to marry her; suffering public chastisement for having a child out of wedlock; and having to support her [Read More...]

Liberal-minded Columbia freshman attends pro-family conference, warned by pals that it’ll be an “anti-gay thing” …

… and instead finds “thoughtful and incisive” speakers. Via the Columbia Spectator: Earlier in the week, I had received an invitation to take part in a pro-LGBT rights rally on campus and had considered going, unaware that the event being protested was the conference that I was planning on attending. As I approached Lerner, I [Read More...]