3 ways Bill Maher is a hard-core Femmevangelical

  You might be thinking, Bill Maher is a an atheist, lady. But honestly, as a Christian minister, I have to say he’s a model Christian, too. 1. He knows what Jesus actually stood for. And it wasn’t war, violence, misogyny, corruption, bullying, self-centeredness or discrimination. Maher has always seen the irony of a traditional [Read More…]

Call Me Crazy: Daring to Discern God in My Odd Defining Moments

My three most significant defining moments over the past decade have had one thing in common: they involved the decision to listen to some “crazy” people and ignore some “smart” ones. Learning to discern whose wacky wisdom to take to heart and whose sober advice to set aside has been a precarious curve, but the [Read More…]