The Curious Case of Benjamin Gump.

The basic point of the video below has been made by many people already, but it’s still fun to see that point illustrated with clips from the movies themselves. I think the main thing missing is the fact that, if I recall correctly, both Forrest Gump and Benjamin Button are concerned that their offspring be more “normal” than them.
Click here if the video file above doesn’t play properly.

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  • I think Benjamin does mention to Daisy at one point, just after he’s learned that she’s pregnant, that he’s worried their daughter might be born like him.

    It’s only one line, delivered with as much emotion one usually musters when talking about a can of chili, but it further cements this running gag.

  • Ah…after rereading the post, I realize repeating what you already had stated (I misread and thought you were stating that the offspring concern was missing from the film of Button, and not the parody)

    My mistake.

  • No worries — it’s good to have my recollection confirmed!