Some things are just wrong / A new Star Trek movie can explain how but doesn’t seem to know why

While the show’s premise is rooted strongly in secular humanism, Star Trek is, at the same time, profoundly concerned with issues of truth and morality. But only to a point.

Star Trek: Insurrection, the latest movie in this TV and film franchise, offers a striking case in point. In it, Captain Jean-Luc Picard (played by Patrick Stewart) discovers that the Federation is secretly planning to relocate an alien race, the Ba’Ku, against its will. This is in violation of the Federation’s Prime Directive, which prohibits interference with alien cultures, but Picard’s superior officer, Admiral Dougherty (Anthony Zerbe), rationalizes that it is a trivial matter: the Federation would be moving only 600 people.

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Review: The Prince of Egypt (dir. Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner & Simon Wells, 1998)

Feature-length animation is enjoying a renaissance. From Mulan and A Bug’s Life to Antz and Rugrats, animated movies have succeeded where more highly touted live-action features have failed. But audiences ain’t seen nothing yet: the most ambitious challenger to Disney’s throne is just around the corner, and it is, of all things, a rather grown-up cartoon about the life of Moses.

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Review: Pleasantville (dir. Gary Ross, 1998)

The movie Pleasantville has a top-notch cast and makes inspired use of digital effects. The story also has the potential to be a profound allegory about grace and redemption. In other words, the film could have been great. But it isn’t. Instead, it celebrates reckless sexuality while delivering a rant against moral conservatism.

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