Risen: the Joseph Fiennes interview round-up (2016/2/12)

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Time for another batch of interviews with Risen star Joseph Fiennes.

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Watch: Four new TV spots, behind-the-scenes footage and a new featurette linking Risen to The Passion of the Christ


It’s going to be a very Risen-heavy week here at FilmChat. The film, which stars Joseph Fiennes and Tom Felton as two Roman officers who go looking for the body of Jesus, opens next Friday, with advance screenings in some cities on Thursday night — so the studio is releasing new promotional videos on an almost daily basis.

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Report from Rome: The makers of Risen talk about Bible movies, film noir, sympathetic killers, and meeting the Pope


Note from Peter T. Chattaway: My friend Matt Page attended a special promotional event for the movie Risen that took place in Rome last week. This is his report:

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Is season two of Of Kings & Prophets already in production?


Last year, NBC premiered A.D. The Bible Continues to a great deal of hype, but waited until after the first season had run its course before deciding whether to renew the series for a second season. (In the end, they cancelled it due to low ratings.)

Is ABC feeling more confident about Of Kings and Prophets, which premieres in four weeks? Possibly, if a passing line in a recent Variety article is any indication.

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Watch: The face of Jesus stays hidden in behind-the-scenes footage from the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar!


“What do you think?” asks George Clooney after shooting a scene for the Bible-movie-within-the-movie in the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar!. “Is that enough awe?”

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Watch: A new clip and a new featurette for Risen


Risen stars Joseph Fiennes as a Roman soldier who goes looking for the body of Jesus after it vanishes from its tomb. Fiennes calls the film “an extraordinary murder mystery, a detective story” in a new featurette that was posted today, and something of that quest for answers is reflected in a new clip that went online today, too.

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