Review: God’s Not Dead 2 (dir. Harold Cronk, 2016)


There’s a joke waiting to be told in the fact that God’s Not Dead 2 is coming out on April Fool’s Day. The Psalms suggest it takes a fool to say in his heart that there is no God, so perhaps the filmmakers thought they were having a private laugh at the unbeliever’s expense when they picked the release date. Thing is, given all the sloppy apologetics, preachy dialogue and silly plot contortions that lie within this “faith-based” film, it isn’t the atheists who come out looking foolish in the end.

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Timur Bekmambetov says his version of Ben-Hur will use “a very grounded style of filmmaking”


Timur Bekmambetov is making the rounds right now to promote Hardcore Henry, an action film he produced that comes out April 8, and along the way he has talked a bit about the new Ben-Hur, which he directed and is due to come out August 12.

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Box office: Batman v Superman breaks records, Deadpool becomes the top-grossing R-rated movie ever worldwide


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may have been worse than Man of Steel in the eyes of audiences and critics alike (Man of Steel got 56% at Rotten Tomatoes and an A- at CinemaScore, while Batman v Superman got 29% and a mere B), but the new film did a lot better than its predecessor at the box office this week.

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Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (dir. Zack Snyder, 2016)


Just a few quick thoughts on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Watch: Rodrigo Santoro talks about playing Jesus in a new Ben-Hur featurette


The actors who played Jesus in the 1925 and 1959 versions of Ben-Hur not only had to keep their faces hidden from the cameras, they weren’t even acknowledged in the movies’ credits. But the new version of Ben-Hur is putting Jesus front-and-centre — and the actor who plays him now has a 42-second featurette all to himself.

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Noah turns two, and here’s a sneak peek at a line-by-line commentary I’ve been working on


It seems hard to believe, but this coming Sunday marks the second anniversary of the North American release of a little film called Noah.

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