Watch: Jesus meets Ciaran Hinds in the first clip from Last Days in the Desert; plus new photos and interviews


Last Days in the Desert is almost upon us. The film — which stars Ewan McGregor as both Jesus and Satan — opens next week, starting with special “event” screenings on May 12. And today we got our first non-trailer, non-featurette clip from the film.

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A new poster for Ben-Hur appeals to the Hispanic audience


There hasn’t been much news on the Ben-Hur front since last Monday’s update.

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Box office: Disney rules the box office with The Jungle Book in North America and Captain America overseas


The Jungle Book has reached the top, and it won’t stop — the “live-action” remake of Disney’s 1967 cartoon was the top draw at the box office for its third consecutive week, earning more this weekend than all the new releases combined.

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Religious motifs in the upcoming Alien and X-Men movies


Two quick notes about Alien: Covenant and X-Men: Apocalypse.

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Watch: A better look at the Devil (and a few spoilers?) in a longer version of the Last Days in the Desert featurette


Two days ago, I mentioned that very little footage from Last Days in the Desert had made its way online. Now I wonder if there might be too much footage out there.

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Of Kings and Prophets is still on the air in some countries


Of Kings and Prophets — the series about David, Goliath and other characters from the first book of Samuel — may have been cancelled last month in North America after only two episodes had aired, but it turns out the series is still playing overseas.

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