Paul Verhoeven still wants to make that movie about Jesus


Paul Verhoeven — the man behind such sci-fi hits as RoboCop and Starship Troopers, plus such sexually charged films as Basic Instinct and Showgirls — has been talking about making a movie about Jesus for almost thirty years now, ever since he first attended a meeting of the Jesus Seminar in 1988. The subject came up again this week when Verhoeven — whose subversive critical hit Elle gets a limited release in U.S. theatres today — spoke to to promote his newest film.

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MGM reports a $47.8 million write-down on Ben-Hur


Love it or hate it, Timur Bekmambetov’s remake of Ben-Hur was one of the year’s biggest flops. And now one of the studios behind the film has revealed just how badly it hurt their profits.

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New images from two upcoming “faith-based” films


It’s been a bit quiet at the blog here lately. Here are two new images from a couple of “faith-based” films that are coming out early next year.

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Box office: Doctor Strange and his sorcery reign supreme


A supernatural superhero reigned supreme at the box office this weekend, while films aimed at younger and older audiences also did well in their box-office debuts.

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Our first look at the modern-day Jesus in The Shack


There have been quite a few movies about Jesus this year, and the genre shows no signs of letting up. Next year will bring us The Star and Mary Magdalene, both of which are set in the first century — but first it will bring us The Shack, an adaptation of William P. Young’s novel, set in the present day, about a grief-stricken father who is met by all three persons of the Trinity, including God the Son, i.e. Jesus.

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Mel Gibson says The Resurrection will be “like an acid trip”


Mel Gibson is still talking about The Resurrection, his proposed sequel to The Passion of the Christ. Two months ago, he said it will have flashbacks to the Old Testament, and earlier this week, he said it might follow Jesus into Hades. Now he’s made a few more comments about the film, in a public interview with Raymond Arroyo.

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