Watch: A better look at the Devil (and a few spoilers?) in a longer version of the Last Days in the Desert featurette


Two days ago, I mentioned that very little footage from Last Days in the Desert had made its way online. Now I wonder if there might be too much footage out there.

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Of Kings and Prophets is still on the air in some countries


Of Kings and Prophets — the series about David, Goliath and other characters from the first book of Samuel — may have been cancelled last month in North America after only two episodes had aired, but it turns out the series is still playing overseas.

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The outfit behind Silence and the last couple of Malick films acquires the rights to Mark Millar’s American Jesus


Waypoint Entertainment announced today that it has acquired the movie rights to two comics written by Mark Millar — one of which, called American Jesus, concerns a 12-year-old boy who realizes that he is the Second Coming of Christ.

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A brief update on the The Young Messiah Blu-Ray release


Just a quick note to say that I have updated my post on the DVD edition of The Young Messiah with new art, a trailer, and a note about the film’s Digital HD release.

Watch: The director and co-stars of Last Days in the Desert discuss the film’s themes in a new featurette


Last Days in the Desert premiered at Sundance over a year ago, and its release date is only two weeks away now, but very little footage from the film has made its way online. Heck, it wasn’t until last month that we even got to see a trailer for the film.

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Prophet Joseph — episodes three and four


Synopsis. Jacob and his son Joseph are sitting outside the tent where Rachel has died giving birth to Benjamin, and they are mourning the death of their wife and mother when Jacob’s sister Faegheh arrives. After burying Rachel, the clan proceeds to the town where Abraham and Isaac are buried, and Jacob pays a visit to his ancestors’ graves. Joseph’s brothers — and Jacob’s surviving wife and concubines — begin to murmur jealously that Jacob favours Joseph above all the other children, so Faegheh, who is childless, offers to raise Joseph herself. But then one day Joseph goes missing while he and the other children are playing a game of hide-and-seek.

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