Win an iTunes copy of Last Days in the Desert (in Canada)!

lastdaysinthedesert-dvd-aGood news for Canadian Jesus-movie fans: Last Days in the Desert, which came out in various video formats in the United States last week, will be coming out digitally in Canada on August 30, with a DVD release to follow on September 13. And to mark the occasion, I will have five iTunes copies of the film to give away next week, courtesy of D Films. (Note: these copies will work for Canadian iTunes subscribers only.) Just post a comment down below, saying what your favorite Jesus movie is and why, and send your e-mail address to so I know how to contact you if you win. Contest closes August 16.

Watch: Chariots flip and crash in a new clip from Ben-Hur


If there’s one thing the studio behind Ben-Hur wants you to know about their film, it’s that it has a chariot race. The race has been featured prominently in trailers and featurettes, and now it is central to the first two “mainstream” clips from the film.

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Watch: Trailers for faith-based films Priceless and New Life


Last month, I posted trailers for eight “faith-based” films that are coming out between August 12 and October 21. Now there are two more films coming out in October.

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Ben-Hur news round-up: The premieres have begun!


Another week, another round-up of Ben-Hur-themed news items.

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Box office: Suicide Squad sets a new record for August


Critics may have hated it, but Suicide Squad — which revolves around a team of DC Comics supervillains — set new records at the box office this week.

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Prophet Joseph — episodes twenty-nine and thirty


Synopsis. A servant overhears one of the priests of Amon discussing their plot to kill Joseph, and warns the Pharaoh. Joseph says he’s not worried, and says they need to focus on preparing for the famine — but he also asks Amenhotep which god he worships. Amenhotep says he worships the one true God and asks if he can call this God Aten; Joseph agrees. At a ceremony for Amon, Amenhotep reveals that he now worships Joseph’s God, and he tells the priests of Amon to carry their idol out of the palace; he also reveals that he has changed his name to Akhenaten. Joseph goes outside the palace in disguise, to visit the slums of the city; disturbed by what he sees there, he vows to erase the barriers between rich and poor. When Joseph returns to the palace, Ninifer Keptah tries to attack him, but Joseph is saved by Nemisabu and Malek, the latter of whom kills Ninifer Keptah at the end of a short swordfight.

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