Newsbites: His Dark Materials! Star Trek! Heaven Is for Real!


Just a few quick newsbites today — all of which, as it happens, are about brand new TV shows that will be spin-offs or reboots of existing films.

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Interview: Juan Pablo di Pace on the humanity of A.D. The Bible Continues and playing Jesus like “a little child”


A.D. The Bible Continues is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow, so some of the cast and crew are doing the publicity rounds again. I had the privilege of speaking to Juan Pablo di Pace, the Argentinian actor who played Jesus in the series.

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A few brief words on horror and scary movies for Halloween


Today is Halloween, so the good folks at Context with Lorna Dueck in Toronto asked me if I could talk to them for a few minutes about scary movies and why a Christian would watch them (or, in some cases, why a Christian would make them!).

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A.D. The Bible Continues — the scripture index


A.D. The Bible Continues — which comes to DVD and Blu-Ray this coming Tuesday — was based primarily on the first ten chapters of Acts, but it included references to many other scriptures as well. Since the series will soon be on home video, I thought it might be fun to compile those references and list them in biblical order.

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Watch: Eleven-minute ‘Touring the Sets’ featurette from the upcoming Blu-Ray edition of A.D. The Bible Continues


A.D. The Bible Continues is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray next Tuesday, and I’m happy to say you can get a sneak peek at one of the set’s six bonus featurettes right here.

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The Pontius Pilate movie soldiers on without Brad Pitt


Remember that movie about Pontius Pilate that was in development a few years ago? The one that had Brad Pitt attached to star, until he bowed out last year?

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