Box office: Zootopia sets a new Disney record, and Risen is on the verge of passing Hail, Caesar! in North America


Another record was broken this week, as Zootopia had the biggest opening weekend of any non-Pixar Disney cartoon ever at the North American box office.

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Watch: Two new videos for the international release of Risen


After two reasonably successful weeks in North American theatres, Risen is beginning its international roll-out. The film is already playing in Poland, Australia and the Philippines, and it will come to other countries over the next few weeks between now and Easter. And with those foreign releases, come new promotional videos.

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Watch: Nine new(-ish) TV spots for The Young Messiah


The Young Messiah comes out next Friday, and the powers that be have posted a few new ads for the film, most of which cover material that we’ve already seen.

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Brief notes on some of the deleted scenes from Risen


Take a look at the photo above — one of the many Risen-themed images that Sony Pictures has released. There are two rather remarkable things about it.

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Well, that’s one way to promote a “faith-based” film.


Miracles from Heaven — the latest in a series of “faith-based” films about people who get a glimpse of the world beyond this one — opens this month, on March 16 to be precise. The film stars Jennifer Garner. To promote the film, Garner is now the subject of a cover story in Vanity Fair. And, as cover-story subjects sometimes do, Garner has participated in a video posted on the magazine’s website — and the video, in this case, consists of Garner reading the children’s-book parody Go the F**k to Sleep.

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Watch: New The Young Messiah featurette looks at parenting


The Facebook page for The Young Messiah posted a new featurette today, in which the filmmakers talk about their depiction of Mary and Joseph, and how modern-day parents should be able to relate to them. Check it out below the jump.

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