Review: Inferno (dir. Ron Howard, 2016)


Remember The Da Vinci Code? It was all the rage a decade or so ago, what with its sensationalistic claims that Jesus had had a wife and child, and that a secret society had been keeping his descendants hidden for centuries to protect them from the big bad Catholic church. The book spawned a film, and the film spawned a sequel (which was actually based on an earlier book), and then… it all just kind of stopped. Dan Brown wrote a third novel, The Lost Symbol, but the studio never got around to filming it. And then he wrote a fourth novel, Inferno, and now that book has been turned into a film that is landing in theatres after a seven-year gap. And the new film, it turns out, is the most generic and, perhaps not coincidentally, the least potentially offensive of the bunch.

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Is Doctor Strange the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie yet?


Variety magazine’s chief film critic has seen Doctor Strange, and he calls it “Marvel’s most satisfying entry since ‘Spider-Man 2’ ”. That’s high praise, considering Spider-Man 2 came out four years before Iron Man, and thus four years before the invention of what we now know as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Box office: Tyler Perry beats a Tom Cruise action sequel


Halloween started early at the box office this week thanks to an urban comedy and a scary movie, while a Tom Cruise sequel had a modestly successful opening.

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Ben-Hur coming to Blu-Ray and Digital HD for the holidays


Now that Timur Bekmambetov’s Ben-Hur has come and gone from theatres, it’s time for the film to come out on home video. And so, today, it was announced that Ben-Hur will come to iTunes and other digital streaming services on November 29, while the DVD and Blu-Ray release will follow two weeks later on December 13.

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Watch: Desmond Doss refuses to fight back, and rescues one of his comrades, in two clips from Hacksaw Ridge


Before he faced combat on the front lines, Desmond Doss — a World War II medic who refused to carry a weapon because of his religious beliefs — had to face his fellow troops. A new clip from Hacksaw Ridge shows how some of Doss’s fellow soldiers bullied him and called him a “coward” for refusing to kill or fight back.

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Newsbites: The independent Christian film edition!


Here are three quick news items that came up over the past week.

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