Exclusive: A clip from Civil War drama Free State of Jones


In many ways, the American Civil War was a religious war, with people on both sides making religious arguments for and against slavery — and that aspect of the war continues to surface in movies about the conflict and the history that preceded it.

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Ben-Hur — the word-of-mouth screenings have begun


Today is June 19. Ben-Hur comes to North American theatres August 19. So there are now just two months to go before the next big Bible epic hits the big screen.

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Box office: Finding Dory has the best animated opening ever


Disney films hit a couple of significant milestones this week.

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Prophet Joseph — episodes seventeen and eighteen


Synopsis. Zuleikha’s efforts to seduce Joseph have become the talk of the town, and have damaged Potiphar’s reputation. The priests of Amon decide that this is the perfect time to strike against Potiphar’s boss, the Pharaoh, so they approach the royal chamberlain Apopis and try to persuade him that the Pharaoh should be punished for his impieties. Meanwhile, to clear her name, Zuleikha invites the noblewomen to her palace so that they can see Joseph for themselves, and since the women are in the middle of cutting some fruit when Joseph enters the room, they are so distracted by his beauty that they end up cutting themselves. Zuleikha says the women did this after seeing Joseph only once, so can they imagine what it’s like to see him day after day? The women then tell Joseph to sleep with Zuleikha — or with one of them.

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Watch: Kevin Sorbo plays the titular carpenter in the first trailer for Joseph & Mary, coming to DVD next month


Seems like I can’t get away from movies about the holy family right now.

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Raiders! — the review’s up!


My review of Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made is now up at The Georgia Straight. I saw the fan film itself when Chris Strompolos brought it to Vancouver for a Q&A eight years ago; you can read what I had to say about that here.