Watch: Uhura faces off against Krall in two new Star Trek Beyond clips, plus a bunch of new TV spots


Star Trek Beyond has been in theatres for almost a week now, and the studio knows it’s facing stiff competition from Jason Bourne this coming weekend and Suicide Squad the weekend after that. So, to entice anyone who hasn’t already seen the film at least once, the studio has released two new clips. Check ’em out below the jump.

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Last Days in the Desert comes to DVD and iTunes next week

lastdaysinthedesert-dvd-aLast Days in the Desert, starring Ewan McGregor as both Jesus and the Devil, is coming to home video next week. If you want to see the film in high definition — and if you want to see the complete uncensored version that played at Sundance last year — then it looks like you’ll have to get the iTunes package, which has both the PG-13 version of the film (which has been playing in theatres for the past two months) and a ‘Full Length Director’s Cut’, all for $14.99. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the DVD, which will apparently have just the PG-13 version of the film, at Amazon for $12.99. The film will be available in both formats August 2.

Watch: The first five clips from the new Ben-Hur


The first five clips from the new version of Ben-Hur are now available via WingClips, a website that provides movie clips that pastors can use to illustrate their sermons etc. As you might expect, these clips focus on the religious themes of the film, rather than the action-packed spectacle that the trailers have tended to emphasize.

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Ben-Hur news round-up: Lew Wallace’s novel has been “modernized” by his great-great-granddaughter, and more


Another week, another round-up of Ben-Hur-related news items.

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Box office: Star Trek, Ice Age come down with sequel fatigue


Sequel fatigue hit two venerable franchises at the box office this weekend.

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Prophet Joseph — episodes twenty-five and twenty-six


Synopsis. Inarus goes to the prison to set Joseph free and take him back to Pharaoh, but Joseph refuses to leave until his name is cleared; he says he does not want to be “forgiven” for a crime he never committed, instead he wants it known that he never committed the crime in the first place. At Joseph’s suggestion, Amenhotep summons Zuleikha and the women who visited her palace and cut their hands when they saw Joseph several years ago. Zuleikha confesses that she has been in love with Joseph for years, and the women confess that they tempted Joseph but he would not give in to them. Amenhotep sends the women to prison and summons Joseph again, and this time Joseph comes to the palace. Malek sees Joseph from a distance and rejoices that he has finally found Joseph after looking for him for almost 20 years. Amenhotep summons the priests of Amon and says he wants them to “test” Joseph.

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