Battle of the Jesus movies? Paramount bumps Ben-Hur to a weekend in August that was already claimed by The Shack


Well this is interesting. Paramount Pictures just announced that they will release the new version of Ben-Hur on August 12, 2016, instead of February 26. Barring any further changes, that means the film will now come out on the same day as The Shack, which is also based on a best-selling novel that features Jesus as a character.

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Brian Godawa calls The Young Messiah a “must see”


Brian Godawa, author of Hollywood Worldviews and writer of To End All Wars, has been very critical of the Bible movies coming out over the last few years.

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Is Paramount going to remake The Ten Commandments?


Paramount Pictures seems to have a thing for Bible epics. First they revived the genre with Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, and then they partnered with MGM on a remake of Ben-Hur that is due next year. Now comes word — via The Tracking Board — that the studio may be planning a remake of The Ten Commandments, as well.1

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A new, “accurate” Noah movie will apparently consist almost entirely of scenes that aren’t in the Bible


We’ve seen the big-budget, secular-Hollywood version of the Noah story. Now comes the low-budget, independent-Christian version. South African filmmakers Frans Cronje and David Ferreira have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for an “historically accurate, biblically authentic” movie called Flood of Faith.

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Watch: George Clooney stars in a Bible movie (sort of) in the trailer for the Coen brothers’ new film Hail, Caesar!


The trailer for the new Coen brothers movie is here, and it seems that the film — titled Hail, Caesar! — may have a Bible-movie hook.

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War Room is now the top-grossing evangelical movie ever


War Room has set another milestone.

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