War Room is now the top-grossing evangelical movie ever


War Room has set another milestone.

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Interview: David Batty (The Gospel of John, 2014)


There have been a few attempts to make complete word-for-word film adaptations of the gospels over the years. In the 1970s, the Genesis Project got as far as completing the book of Luke, while in the 1990s and early 2000s, the Visual Bible produced two very different adaptations of Matthew and John (as well as the book of Acts).

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Watch: My birthday, October 1, in the movies


Have you ever wanted to see a montage of movie clips that refer to New Year’s Day or Halloween? What about less obvious dates like January 23 or May 10?

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Risen is the first of next year’s Jesus movies to get a poster


There are three movies about Jesus coming out in the first three months of next year. Two of them have trailers already. Now one of them has a poster.

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Interview: Stephen Kendrick (War Room, 2015)


Stephen Kendrick and his brother Alex made waves in a big way when their second film, Facing the Giants, grossed $10 million nationwide despite being produced on a shoestring by an almost all-volunteer crew. Their next two films were even bigger successes, and now their fifth film — War Room, produced for a reported $3 million — has earned over $50 million in its first four weeks. It has also earned a place in the history books as the first Evangelical Christian movie to be #1 at the box office.

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Full of Grace, a movie about the Virgin Mary set one decade after the gospels, is coming to theatres early next year


Deadline reports that Cinedigm has acquired North American rights to Full of Grace, a film that is set during the “final earthly days” of the Virgin Mary.

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