Mel Gibson’s Passion sequel will jump back and forth in time between the Resurrection and the Old Testament


Deadline has a long, long interview with Mel Gibson up today. The primary focus of the interview is Gibson’s new film, Hacksaw Ridge, which opened to mostly good reviews and a ten-minute standing ovation at the Venice film festival this week — but along the way, Gibson talks about the other films he’s made, and about the films he wants to make. And that includes his sequel to The Passion of the Christ.

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Prophet Joseph — episodes thirty-seven and thirty-eight


Synopsis. The sons of Jacob embark on their journey to Egypt, leaving their wives, children, and their brother Benjamin behind with their father. They are also accompanied by some Canaanites. Joseph visits some of the land that has fallen into the Egyptian government’s possession and tells Malek they should divide it among farmers who don’t have any land. The brothers arrive in Egypt and try to buy grain. Joseph is alerted to their presence, and he has them ushered into the palace — much to the chagrin of Horemheb, who doesn’t like seeing these lowly shepherds there — but Joseph does not meet the brothers in person. Joseph tells his wife Asenath that his brothers deserve punishment but he forgave them long ago. Zuleikha, at home with her dilapidated idols, prays to Joseph’s God and asks if God will listen to her.

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Watch: The visual effects of the Ben-Hur chariot race


If there’s one thing the cast and crew of Ben-Hur wanted us to know, it’s that the actors were really driving those chariots that we see in the climactic chariot race. But of course, the scene was not without its visual effects: there’s no need for matte paintings and a cast of thousands when you can digitally add a crowd full of spectators to the background of some shots, and of course it’s a lot safer to go digital when the script calls for the humans or the horses to do anything particularly dangerous.

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Box office: A few new milestones in an otherwise slow week


The summer tentpole season is over and the fall awards season has yet to begin, but a few films hit significant milestones at the box office in an otherwise slow week.

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Lost star Jeremy Davies to play Jesus in American Gods


Except for a few shows that are well within my wheelhouse, I don’t follow TV very closely, but it looks like I might have to pay attention to American Gods, the upcoming Starz series based on Neil Gaiman’s award-winning novel. Entertainment Weekly reports that Jeremy Davies, of Lost and Justified fame, has been cast as Jesus.

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The first reviews of the “virtual reality” Jesus movie are here


The first reviews of Jesus VR: The Story of Christ — the “virtual reality” movie being previewed in Venice this week — are here. And they’re not very positive.

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