Of Kings and Prophets — season one, episode two


Season 1, Episode 2 — ‘Let the Wicked Be Ashamed’
I Samuel 16

Editing Samuel. The chronology has been rearranged a tad, but the episode begins and ends with Samuel going to anoint David (I Samuel 16:1-13), and it includes scenes of David playing the harp for Saul and growing closer to him (I Samuel 16:14-23).

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A few questions about the fifth Indiana Jones movie


The Harrison Ford nostalgia tour isn’t over yet.

Today it was announced that Ford — who returned to the Star Wars franchise in last year’s The Force Awakens and will soon start shooting the sequel to 1982’s Blade Runner — will return as Indiana Jones in a film set to be released in 2019, thirty-eight years after Ford first played the character in 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark.1

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Behold the first official photos from the new Ben-Hur


There once was a time when Timur Bekmambetov’s adaptation of Ben-Hur was going to come out on February 26 — mere weeks before The Young Messiah and mere weeks after Risen (and the Ben-Hur parody in Hail, Caesar!). But the film eventually got out of the crowded pre-Easter Jesus-movie season and settled on a release date in August, and now — with that release date just five months away, and with the year’s other major Jesus movies all out of the way — Paramount and MGM have finally released out first look at the newest version of Lew Wallace’s “Tale of the Christ”.

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Box office: The Young Messiah has a smaller opening than expected, and Zootopia keeps tracking ahead of Frozen


For the first time in recent memory — and possibly the first time ever since weekly box office reports became a thing — there are two Bible movies in the weekly top ten.

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The Young Messiah: rounding up the other interviews


It turns out director Cyrus Nowrasteh and producer Chris Columbus aren’t the only filmmakers who have been stumping for The Young Messiah. I now know of interviews with at least two other people who were involved with the making of the film, including co-star Sean Bean. Check ’em out below the jump.

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Of Kings and Prophets — season one, episode one


Note: Last year I posted episode-by-episode notes on the sources and themes of A.D. The Bible Continues. I intend to do something similar for Of Kings and Prophets. Be warned: there will be spoilers here. And lots of appreciative nit-picking.

Season 1, Episode 1 — ‘Offerings of Blood’
I Samuel 13-17

Editing Samuel. The series skips past the stories about Samuel’s early life (I Samuel 1-7) and the role he played in making Saul king (I Samuel 8-12). It then cherry-picks bits and pieces from I Samuel 13-17 and rearranges the chronology somewhat.

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