Miles Teller to lend his voice to a Noah’s Ark cartoon


Various sites are reporting that Miles Teller, of Whiplash and Divergent fame, will be voicing the main character in an animated film about Noah’s Ark.

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VIFF capsule reviews: The Red Turtle, Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story, The Unknown Girl


The Red Turtle (dir. Michael Dudok de Wit; Netherlands/France/Japan)
Oct 6 @ 6:15pm @ Vancouver Playhouse

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Box office: Tim Burton rises to the top of a crowded market


A Tim Burton film led a group of struggling newcomers at the box office this week.

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Prophet Joseph — episodes forty-one and forty-two


Synopsis. Joseph and Asenath pay a visit to Zuleikha and find that she is still deep in prayer. Asenath says she isn’t jealous that Joseph will be getting a second wife soon, but she says she does covet Zuleikha’s spiritual growth. Meanwhile, Joseph’s brothers split up into groups of two or three and enter Thebes by different gates, to avoid being detected — but they are spotted anyway and taken back to the palace. Joseph reveals his identity to Benjamin but tells him to keep it a secret. Joseph tells Asenath he has to find a way to keep Benjamin in Egypt so that their father, Jacob, can give up his sons and get them back the same way Abraham almost sacrificed one of his sons, only to get him back. The brothers leave Thebes and begin to make their way back to Canaan, but Joseph’s soldiers ride out and accuse the brothers of stealing a golden chalice.

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The Vancouver International Film Festival 2016 — a preview


Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 35th Vancouver International Film Festival (September 29 – October 14). I’ve been attending every year since 1994, when I was an editor at one of the UBC student papers, so this will be my 23rd year at VIFF.

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The Ten Commandments celebrates its 60th anniversary


This is a year for Bible-movie anniversaries. Intolerance turned 100 last month, The Bible: In the Beginning… turns 50 on Wednesday, and The Nativity Story turns 10 in December. But the most significant Bible movie celebrating the end of yet another decade on our screens would have to be the second and most famous version of The Ten Commandments, which premiered 60 years ago in the fall of 1956.

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