Ben-Hur news round-up: How big a success will it be?


Another week, another quick round-up of Ben-Hur-related news stories.

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Box office: Tarzan leads a pack of also-rans behind Dory


A Pixar cartoon just kept swimming at the top of the box office this week, while three new releases had openings that ranged from decent to disappointing.

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Watch: McCoy gives Spock a word of advice about “Earth girls” in the first clip from Star Trek Beyond


The other day, while trying to figure out the relevance of Rihanna’s lyrics to the Star Trek film she had written them for, I speculated that Spock and Uhura might break up in this movie. And, well, what do you know: our first clip from the film seems to depict just that, though without all the layers of angst that Rihanna’s song provides.

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Behold the poster for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge


After a ten-year hiatus, Mel Gibson is back in the director’s chair — and, fittingly for the Oscar-winning director of Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ, his next film is a war movie with a potentially strong faith element.

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A virtual-reality Jesus movie is coming this Christmas from the makers of Left Behind and The Passion of the Christ


The Jesus-movie genre is branching into a couple of high-tech formats this year.

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Watch: New footage in three new ads for Star Trek Beyond


Yesterday we saw the final trailer for Star Trek Beyond. Today we get the first TV spots — and they give us even more new footage from the film, which opens July 22.

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