Box office: Captain America has the fifth-best opening ever


To no one’s surprise, Captain America: Civil War conquered the box office this week with one of the biggest first weekends in North America ever.

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Prophet Joseph — episodes five and six


Synopsis. Jacob has a nightmare in which ten wolves chase Joseph to his death. He describes the dream to Leah, who passes it on to their family, and soon everyone assumes that the wolves are a metaphor for Joseph’s ten older brothers. Satan himself appears to the brothers, claiming to be a resident of one of the nearby villages, and describes a dream of his own that stokes their jealousy even more. A Canaanite accuses the older brothers of mistreating him, and Jacob admonishes his sons to live in harmony with the “Palestinians” who were living in Canaan before they were. Joseph dreams that the sun, moon and eleven stars will one day bow down to him, and Jacob tells him to keep this dream to himself. But Bilhah overhears them and tells Joseph’s brothers about the dream, and they agree that they should kill Joseph.

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Mel Gibson’s conscientious-objector movie gets an awards season release date, while The Shack moves to Lent


Looks like there will be one less Jesus movie this year.

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Watch: Jesus has a fireside chat with Tye Sheridan in a new clip from Last Days in the Desert; plus new interviews


Last Days in the Desert — starring Ewan McGregor as both Jesus and Satan — has been described as a story about fathers and sons. Two days ago, the first clip from the film showed Jesus meeting a father played by Ciaran Hinds. Now the second clip shows Jesus talking to the man’s son, who is played by Tye Sheridan.

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George Miller’s version of Contact would have been “much more ambitious intellectually,” says one of its writers


I’m not the biggest fan of Contact, Robert Zemeckis’s 1997 film adaptation of Carl Sagan’s novel. That’s partly because the film tosses out the more nuanced relationship between faith and science that Sagan put in his novel and replaces it with a bunch of Hollywood clichés, such as fundamentalist Christian suicide bombers.

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Watch: Jesus meets Ciaran Hinds in the first clip from Last Days in the Desert; plus new photos and interviews


Last Days in the Desert is almost upon us. The film — which stars Ewan McGregor as both Jesus and Satan — opens next week, starting with special “event” screenings on May 12. And today we got our first non-trailer, non-featurette clip from the film.

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