Watch: A clip from The Making of The Young Messiah


The Young Messiah comes to Blu-Ray this coming Tuesday, and to whet our appetites, the distributor has released a clip from the disc’s making-of documentary.

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Is Mel Gibson making a sequel to The Passion of the Christ?


More than one film has tried to position itself as a sequel to The Passion of the Christ.

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Watch: New Ben-Hur trailer has even more footage of Jesus


Ben-Hur comes to theatres on August 19 — that’s just over two months from now — so it’s time for another trailer. And the newest trailer features even more footage of Jesus, whose face was famously kept hidden in the earlier films based on this story.

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Exclusive: James Wan on his return to horror, respecting the experiences of those who encounter the paranormal, and getting a priest to bless the set of The Conjuring 2


Many directors dream of launching one hit franchise. James Wan has launched three.

The Malaysia-born, Australia-raised filmmaker first made a name for himself with Saw, a psychological horror film that spawned six sequels, all of which Wan produced but did not direct. Then he directed Insidious and its first sequel; a fourth film — again, produced but not directed by Wan — is now in the works. And then he directed The Conjuring, a huge hit that led to a prequel-ish spin-off called Annabelle.

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Filmmakers sue God’s Not Dead producers for $100 million


God’s Not Dead was a big hit at the box office two years ago. Produced for only $2 million, it grossed over $60 million in North America alone — nearly double what any independent faith-based movie not directed by Mel Gibson had done by then.

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Win a copy of Risen (with bilingual packaging!) on Blu-Ray!

risen-bluray-bilingual-aSo, a few days ago I took a big step that I’ve been thinking of taking for some time now, and I created my own Facebook page — not a private account like the one I use for my friends and whatnot, but a public account for posting various news links and brief thoughts that don’t seem immediately blog-able to me. Sort of an in-between space, you might say, between my generally pithy Twitter account and the longer stuff I do here at this blog. And to mark the occasion, I’m giving away a copy of Risen on Blu-Ray (and Digital), courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Click here for details.