Prophet Joseph — episodes nine and ten


Synopsis. Ghetmir, a member of the caravan that bought Joseph from his brothers, finds Joseph crying by his mother’s grave. Ghetmir strikes him, and Jacob, sitting miles away, senses that something is wrong. Ghetmir is about to strike Joseph again when a pain shoots through his hand. That night, Ghetmir asks Ishtar to heal his arm, but he tosses his idol away when Joseph heals his arm instead. Later, another sick member of the caravan is healed after Joseph spends time with him. After the caravan arrives in Egypt, another member of the caravan tells Joseph he wants to become a believer in Joseph’s God, and Joseph replies that the man already is a believer.

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Box office: The Angry Birds rule the weekend, while Captain America becomes the year’s first billion-dollar movie


The Angry Birds Movie may be an awful, awful film — full of peeing, pooping, farting, male-stripper visual gags, pseudo-swearing (“Pluck my life!”) and more — but that didn’t stop families from turning out to see it in droves this week.

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Watch: Another action-packed trailer for Star Trek Beyond


The second Star Trek Beyond trailer is here, and with it, a lot of new footage — though it doesn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know from the first trailer. The Enterprise is destroyed, the crew are stranded on an alien planet, and somewhere in there Kirk rides an old-fashioned motorcycle. Check it out below the jump.

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Exclusive: Almost Holy director Steve Hoover on his film, about a Ukrainian pastor who “kidnaps” drug-addicted youth


To some, he’s a lawless vigilante; to others, he’s a hero. Either way, there is something very dramatic about the way Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko has dealt with the social crises that have plagued Ukraine since the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

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Did a Young Messiah poll find that most Americans think Jesus was a socialist who would vote for Bernie Sanders?


There is nothing particularly political about this year’s Jesus movies, but you can still detect political patterns in the way they were promoted. The Young Messiah, for example, used quotes from conservative groups and radio talk-show hosts in its ads, while Last Days in the Desert got a lot of attention in “progressive” circles.

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Review: X-Men: Apocalypse (dir. Bryan Singer, 2016)


Movie franchises are getting increasingly convoluted these days, and the X-Men series is no exception. So, to recap: X-Men: Apocalypse is the ninth film in the X-Men series (counting the Wolverine and Deadpool solo features), the seventh film to have the word “X-Men” in the title, the fourth film in the series to be directed by Bryan Singer (who got the whole thing started sixteen years ago), and the third film to feature the younger cast that was first introduced five years ago in X-Men: First Class.

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