Brazil’s biggest home-grown box-office hit could be a Bible epic about Moses, re-edited from a local TV series


Two years ago, five episodes from The Bible miniseries were re-edited into a theatrical film called Son of God. It was, as far as I can tell, the first time a North American TV series had been re-released on the big screen since the rise of home video, and the film did decent business at the box office — about on par with a successful indie film.

That was nothing compared to what’s happening right now in Brazil.

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Watch: Josh Brolin tells George Clooney to give a speech at the foot of the penitent thief in first clip from Hail, Caesar!


Movies are a huge money-making industry — but they also offer moments of spiritual uplift. Actors often play noble, inspiring characters — but they serve the visions of artists and businessmen who sometimes treat them like cogs in a machine.

These and other tensions are captured in the first clip from Hail, Caesar!, a film that was once described by its directors, the Coen brothers, as a film about “the movie business and life and religion and faith. Faith and the movie business.”

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Watch: The first full trailers for the new Of Kings & Prophets


It’s been a bumpy road for Bible-themed TV shows lately.

The New Testament-themed A.D. The Bible Continues was cancelled after just one season last year, thanks to its falling ratings, and the Old Testament-themed Of Kings & Prophets had to scrap its original pilot episode and start over from scratch.

But now that second pilot is upon us, and the ABC network has released a new trailer in advance of the series’ premiere. In it, we find the young shepherd David caught between a jealous king, a predatory queen and a prophet of uncertain motives — and we get a taste of his looming confrontation with a certain Philistine giant.

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Watch: Seven clips from Risen, plus several brief interviews


Risen, the first of several big-screen Jesus movies coming out this year, will be playing at a theatre near you just three weeks from now — and to whet our appetites, the studio has released several new clips from the film. Check ’em out below the jump.

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Tyler Perry’s The Passion has found its Jesus and its Judas


Jesus was played by a Portuguese actor in The Bible and an Argentinian actor in A.D. The Bible Continues, and he will soon be played by a Brazilian actor in Ben-Hur.

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Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth is coming to Blu-Ray

jesusofnazareth1977Does anyone know basic math any more?

It’s always great to see classic films on Blu-Ray. But the studios seem to be increasingly… imprecise when they declare that this or that disc is a special anniversary edition of the movie in question.

Case in point: a “50th anniversary edition” of the 1959 version of Ben-Hur was released in… 2011, which was actually the 52nd anniversary of that film.

And now, a “40th anniversary edition” of Franco Zeffirelli’s 1977 miniseries Jesus of Nazareth is due to come out this year… which is actually the 39th anniversary of that miniseries.

Ah well. In any case, the Blu-Ray comes out on February 23, and you can order it here.

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