Oscar nominee Rooney Mara may star in Mary Magdalene


Deadline reports that Rooney Mara, who is currently nominated for an Oscar for her role in Carol, is in talks to star in that new movie about Mary Magdalene.

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Watch: A new featurette for Risen, and new TV spots for Of Kings & Prophets and the live musical The Passion


The videos for new Bible-themed movies and TV shows are coming at an increasingly fast clip these days. Here are three that popped up in the last day or two.

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Hail, Caesar! and other movies about making Bible movies


Hail, Caesar!, the newest film from the Coen brothers, opens this Friday. The film is set in 1950s Hollywood, and one of its central plot elements is a movie-within-the-movie — also called Hail, Caesar! — that depicts the crucifixion of Jesus. This got me wondering, how many other films have depicted the making of a Bible movie?

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Cliff Curtis washed his co-stars’ feet while making Risen


We’ve known for some time that Cliff Curtis, who plays the part of Jesus in Risen, took his role very, very seriously. In September 2014, he refused to speak to journalists about one of his other films (he did pass notes, though) because he was in the middle of shooting Risen and he had taken a vow of silence for the duration of the shoot.

Curtis is definitely talking now, though.

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Brazil’s biggest home-grown box-office hit could be a Bible epic about Moses, re-edited from a local TV series


Two years ago, five episodes from The Bible miniseries were re-edited into a theatrical film called Son of God. It was, as far as I can tell, the first time a North American TV series had been re-released on the big screen since the rise of home video, and the film did decent business at the box office — about on par with a successful indie film.

That was nothing compared to what’s happening right now in Brazil.

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Watch: Josh Brolin tells George Clooney to give a speech at the foot of the penitent thief in first clip from Hail, Caesar!


Movies are a huge money-making industry — but they also offer moments of spiritual uplift. Actors often play noble, inspiring characters — but they serve the visions of artists and businessmen who sometimes treat them like cogs in a machine.

These and other tensions are captured in the first clip from Hail, Caesar!, a film that was once described by its directors, the Coen brothers, as a film about “the movie business and life and religion and faith. Faith and the movie business.”

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