Sony Animation reveals the cast for Nativity film The Star


The studio hasn’t released any pictures yet, to my knowledge, but today Sony Pictures Animation sent out a press release announcing the voice cast for its upcoming film The Star, which tells the story of the first Christmas from the animals’ point of view.

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Box office: Hidden Figures holds on to the top spot while six new films fail to find an audience


A drama about three African-American women who broke racial barriers in the early 1960s held on to the top spot at the box office on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, while half a dozen new wide releases failed to find an audience.

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New details about — and a new trailer for — The Shack


With seven weeks to go before the film comes out, new details about The Shack — and a new trailer for the film — have come online.

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Box office: Hidden Figures nearly beats Rogue One


A movie about the space race nearly beat Star Wars at the box office this week.

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Martin Sheen replaces Robert Redford as Oral Roberts


Three years ago, I passed along a news item to the effect that Robert Redford was in talks to play televangelist Oral Roberts in a movie called Come Sunday. Today, Deadline reports that the part will go to Martin Sheen instead — and that’s not the only thing that has changed about the film since the last time I blogged it.

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Does the chariot race sequence in Ben-Hur need dialogue?


There are many problems with Timur Bekmambetov’s remake of Ben-Hur, but one of the more emblematic ones, I think, is the way he insists on adding dialogue to the chariot race. Bekmambetov can’t rely on the thrill of movement alone: instead, he has to pump the soundtrack full of exposition and dull action-movie banter.

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