“Radical urban explorers” post new photos of an abandoned Bible-movie set in New Zealand


Remember Kingdom Come, the life-of-Jesus movie that was going to be filmed in New Zealand several years ago?

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Will there be a new film about Mary Magdalene next year?


Four films set during the life of Jesus are due to appear in theatres sometime this year. And there are other films about Jesus, Paul and Pontius Pilate in development, too. Now comes word that a movie about Mary Magdalene is in the works, as well.

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The Shack moves its release date from August to November


The Shack has blinked.

The film version of William P. Young’s novel was originally set to come out on August 12 — but then, a few months ago, another movie based on a best-selling novel that features Jesus as a supporting character, i.e. Ben-Hur, claimed that date.

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Watch: Trailers for the Oscar-nominated short films, which are coming to theatres January 29


One of the best things about the Academy Awards is the way they can shine a light on films and filmmakers who would otherwise not get much attention.

Case in point: the short film awards.

Every year, the Academy nominates five animated shorts, five live-action shorts, and five documentary shorts — and every year, the ShortsHD cable channel packages them together and sends these programs to theatres around the world, thereby allowing moviegoers everywhere to catch up on these otherwise obscure categories.

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Mark Burnett and Roma Downey to produce live Nativity musical


Are live musical versions of popular Bible stories the next big thing?

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Risen: actors, producers discuss changes to the script, and one actor’s vow of silence, in two new profile pieces


I’ve been following the development of Risen ever since it was first announced nine years ago. Now LifeSiteNews has an interview with Affirm Films chief Rich Peluso that seems to confirm some of the theories I’ve had about the film’s development.

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