Watch: Visions, baptisms, miracles and more in four all-new clips from A.D. The Bible Continues and Beyond A.D.


There’s an all-new episode of A.D. The Bible Continues airing this Sunday, and the producers have released three new clips to whet our appetites — one of which includes a greeting just for readers of Patheos! You can check ’em out below the jump.

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Saul’s road-to-Damascus experience: twelve films


The first written reference to the resurrection appearances of Jesus appears not in the gospels but in the epistles of Paul. Specifically, it appears in I Corinthians 15, where Paul passes on a list of the people who witnessed the risen Jesus, and then, at the end, Paul writes that Jesus appeared to him, too, “as to one abnormally born.”

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Watch: A brief recap of last night’s episode of A.D. The Bible Continues and a preview of next week’s episode


A.D. The Bible Continues slipped in the ratings again this week, but for the first time ever it attracted more total viewers than it did the week before. Last night’s episode scored a 0.8/2 rating in the key 18-49 demographic (down from 0.9/3 last week), but the show had 4.8 million viewers overall (up from 4.5 million last week).

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Watch: The sixth episode of digital talk show Beyond A.D.


The sixth episode of Beyond A.D. is the shortest and least-populated to date. It runs just 35 minutes, and it features just two guests: pastor Louie Giglio and musician TobyMac, who also sings a song at the end. The show also features a new clip from tonight’s episode of A.D. The Bible Continues. Check it out below the jump.

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The Bible-movie actor who appeared in a Mad Max movie


I watched all three of the original Mad Max movies this week, to get ready for Fury Road. I had never seen the original film before, and I hadn’t seen The Road Warrior or Beyond Thunderdome since the 1980s (and I saw The Road Warrior on television, so it was probably a somewhat censored version that I saw back then).

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A.D. The Bible Continues — season one, episode six


Season 1, Episode 6 — ‘The Persecution’
Acts 8:1-3

Editing Acts, redux. The first five episodes of A.D. The Bible Continues zipped through the gospels and the book of Acts at a brisk pace, covering multiple chapters at a time. But the sixth episode slows things down in a big way and covers just three verses in Acts: it begins with the burial of Stephen (8:2) and then goes on to show how Saul persecuted the church (8:3) and scattered the followers of Jesus (8:1).

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